cankles, lol

Okay, when I was in the hospital, every time a nurse or doctor came in, they checked my feet for swelling. Never saw any, but they checked every time.

This evening, while having dinner, I was horrified to see that my feet and ankles are unbelievably swollen. Like, it does not go in at the ankle at all.

What the heck is that from? I have not left my house all day today.



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Is there any possibility AT ALL that you are having an allergic reaction. I remember that you recently had a medication reaction. There are many possible causes of ankle swelling, but angioedema/urticaria is the one I'm most familiar with due to Duckie's allergies. There is the potential this could be serious as it could eventually lead to anaphylaxis. Please contact your doctor if it possible it's a reaction. Here's some info:
I had an allergic reaction to the Z-pack, that was 2 weeks ago. I broke out in hives from it. I had a reaction from the steroids as well, not sure if it was allergic or not, but have not taken any in over a week. Those reactions were more to my stomach...the runs, throwing up.
I didn't eat anything today that I haven't had before?


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I checked for adverse reactions for each medication at Albuterol has caused edema in less than 2% of patients. Advair has allergic reactions listed for 1 to 3% of patients, which was greater than the placebo group.
It sounds unlikely, but I'd call the doctor. Do you have a digital camera? Take a picture for the doctor in case the swelling has gone down before you are seen. I think you should definitely have this checked out since you are looking at surgery in the very near future.
See, I talked to the doctor before I posted here. He seemed not to be worried about it...just said for me to keep an eye on it. I just wondered if anyone had ideas as to a cause.

I like the idea of getting a picture. I will do that before I hit the hay. I'll need the wide angle lens. :wink:

Thanks for your help and concern!


They checked my feet for swelling when I was in the hospital, too, and I wasn't in for an allergic reaction. I didn't ask why they were checking.

I hope everything is ok.


My ankles swell up every night. I just figure it is because I am stuck sitting in this chair for 12 hours and rarely get a chance to move around. Can you push in and leave a dent?
I haven't taken a picture because when I am not at work and up and about, my ankles are fine. keep us posted as I am curious.

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People sometimes retain water for no particular reason. If you keep your feet elevated the swelling should eventually go down - and you will find yourself in the bathroom a lot. But definitely take the picture and talk to your DR about it in the meantime.


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It is common for swelling to occur while on steroids and for some time after. Elevate your feet and drink a lot of water. There are over-the counter (found in the vitamin section) water pills. If the swelling doesn't go down in a few days, you may want to try those. If the swelling continues, call the doctor back.

Why were you in the hospital? because of the allergic reaction to the z-pak?
I've been elevating them since yesterday. no improvement yet. Also drinking lots of water.

(Loth, see my thread "I'd almost take asthma over this" and the update. I was unable to breathe and that is why I was in the hospital.)

This is getting annoying. Can't even fit my Crocs on my feet. Grrrr.
Well, my cankles have returned to ankles. I can see my foot veins and ankle bones once again. :thumb:

But now I have noticed the darndest thing. Fortunately, this time I am not upset by it.

The first time I went to the ER for my breathing was 3 1/2, almost 4 weeks ago. I shaved my legs that day. That is the last time I shaved my legs. My leg hair, is like, not growing back! And what is growing back is thin and sparse. Usually, it is thick, coarse, and dense (I am Italian).

Again, I am not's just odd...

:future: Wonder what is causing it?