Can't wait for the night to end...

So Strawberry (the name I just chose for the little difficult child) just started her Metadate last Friday. I didn't really notice much of a change. She is on 10mg. She is also taking 3mg Melatonin at night, which is working very very nicely. Well this morning she had a hard time getting up, so we were late getting out the door. Consequently we missed giving her the Metadate.

NOW I see the difference. She has been a MONSTER today. I pick her up from school. How was your day, I ask. "MOM, do you have to know EVERYTHING?" And that merely set the tone. I won't go into everything. I will tell you that I just came from a time out I gave myself in my room, where I was banging my own head against the wall in frustration.

Point is, the change was not obvious when she began taking it, but WOW I noticed it on the day she missed it. Let's not do that again, shall we?


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I am right there with difficult child#2 takes metadate and I will go through hoops if he misses it. I have driven to school with the one pill...He's older so he takes 40 mg. But it does wear off, which it is doing to him as we speak. He is pushing ALL my buttons at once! Calling me Madre, which he knows irritates me, saying Roger at the end of everything he know just those little annoying things they do!I just told him to take night medications... And for some reason I am managing to stay calm...even though I just got through telling husband that he is no help and that the way he talks to the kids, actually makes it worse! I'm in the whatever mood with husband tonight anyway...talking to a wall in my opinion...

Anyway, trying to choose my battles and staying focused and balanced!

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It's always good to know that medications are making an impact - even if you had to find out the hard way! :hammer: Bet you'll never do that again.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. :flower:
I always try to find something positive about a negative situation. As the others have already said, you now have proof that the drug works!!! I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you... WFEN


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Are you keeping a diary on her, and your observations? because this is the sort of thing you write down. You think you won't forget the fine detail, but you will. This way you don't have to keep forcing your brain to remember, you can use your precious neurones for much more productive, positive stuff!



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Ah, sometimes our mistakes are the best lessons, eh? So sorry it was such a rough one! Hope she wasn't too much of a monster for you today! :::hugs:::
Thank you ladies. difficult child is sound asleep now.


(PS Marg, are you a wizard? I was SUPPOSED to be keeping a journal, and I forgot. Thank you for reminding me. I love reading your posts.)