they ALL allow smoking?


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Husband and I like to go to our casino on special days just for the heck of it. We are NOT major gamblers, don't spend much and quit if we are ahead. The one thing that sort of ruins it for me is that the Indian reservations allow cigarette smoking and as soon as you step in the door you can taste it and I am not good with smoke. I put up with it, of course, while I'm there as it is my choice to be there, but I often wonder if any of the reservations have banned smoking in their casinos.

by the way, we walked out of there yesterday with $103.00 more than when we went in!


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Atlantic City was the first to ban smoking in Casinos, I believe. It caused a big raucous at first but they survived. I don't go too often but I enjoy them more since the ban. When we do go there, it is usually for a show.

The only reservation casino that I've been too was Foxwoods in CT many years ago and I don't remember smoking cigs an issue.

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That is a huge reason that we don't go, either. I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke. It is disgusting.
Someone really made me mad the other day. It was raining and poor smoker couldn't go without his cigarette so he stood right next to the entrance where I had to walk through his cloud of poison with the baby to go inside. I wanted to punch him in the face.
Most smokers just don't give a dang about how it affects others. :(
Sorry for the rant - it is one of my biggest pet peeves!!

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I don't have a clue if they allow smoking at the casino here. There is one in a little town that is sort of a suburb to our very small city. (At least the city council keeps telling us that we are a city, lol). husband went a couple of times to have breakfast because they have a $1.99 breakfast special. They were just open and he met an old friend there. I just never even think of casinos.

I do know that it is illegal to smoke within 20 or 25 FEET of a doorway to a medical building (any building with a medical office, even if it is just a billing office for doctor's and not a place where patients are seen), a government building, school, daycare, or several other types of buildings. One local restaurant moved the outdoor patio because it was so close to the entrance that it violated the rules for how far away you had to be. I think that around here it may apply to ALL buildings because even our Walmart runs smokers away from doors and the grocery has an ashtray deal about that far from the entrance and exit.

If you talk to whomever owns the building, you may find renewed enforcement of regulations. I respect other people's right to smoke, but not to inflict it on me.


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Indian Reservations do not have to follow our laws. And they don't. At least not here.

Nobody hates the taste, smell, and odor of cigarette smoke more than me which is why we don't go to the casino very often. It is the only place I tolerate smoking. I have no friends who smoke and and my husband quit, thankfully, because it was becoming an issue!!! He had to smoke outside, but sometimes he didn't and I didn't have to say much. Jumper HATES HATES HATES HATES cigarette smoke and had no problem scolding him for smoking and telling him how much she wanted to have a father for a very long time. I swear, Jumper has him wrapped around her finger. He quit more for her than for me.