Cat experts....I can use some help with cat labor

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I've been thru tons of doggie births, but cat experience I really don't have. Just our cat Shadow's last litter 2 or 3 yrs ago. (all we did was watch and the whole litter didn't make it)

We "discovered" Shadow's pregnancy just last week. Feeling babies move is the dead give away. I noticed for the past 2 days she's been attempting to "nest". (not easy when you're really and outside cat lol)

This afternoon Shadow is in the house cuz we've been keeping an eye on her. I'm studying for finals and into the room she comes meowing for all she's worth. Not thinking I figure she needs to go potty outside. Nope. She wouldn't have any part of it. Then I swear she looked at me like I was insane. Kept meowing til I picked her up.

When I picked her up a wad of something bloody came out her fanny. I hurried and had husband fetch me a box and some towels and got her set up. Then had husband clean up what had come out of her and show it to me. gross okay, but I needed to know what it was. Looked like a 3 in by 2 in wide piece of raw meat. She's been spotting and contracting since.

Just while I was typing this she loss a large puddle of blood on the kitchen floor. No kittens, no appearance of immenent birth. Odd thing is she is eating and drinking during this.

Now here's the awful part. We have NO vets here that are open on weekends or will take ER calls. And I have no money to pay for one either.

Does anyone have any clue what could be going on and any possible way we can help Mamma cat??


I've never had a kitty deliver kittens so I can't help you there. How is she doing?

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No more large puddles. Just back to spotting bright red blood.

I have her locked in a crate so I can keep an eye on her. Not much else I can do at this point. :frown:

She's still eating and drinking. I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Although everything I've looked up on the computer says bright red blood means you need to get them to the vet fast, which I can't do.

So, at the moment I'm feeling like the meanest person alive. :frown:


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My cats havent done this when giving birth that I can recall. I know I havent seen any large puddles of blood! The cats normally just find themselves a nook and give birth. I didnt even notice that our momma cat had delivered until she sauntered out and was obviously

It may be that your cat is miscarrying. May want to call the vet tomorrow if this doesnt stop.

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I don't recall bright red blood with her first birth either. Honestly, this pregnancy amazed us. She hasn't been pregnant since her first litter. I thought maybe something had happened and she couldn't get preggers. (which is why she isn't fixed) Obviously it was a wrong assumption.

I'm also thinking she's probably miscarrying, or worse. It's been over 8 hrs since this started and no kitten. And the only thing I can think that hunk of tissue was is placenta maybe?? It certainly in no way resembled even an undeveloped kitten.

I'm hoping she'll make it thru the nite and maybe our vet will have a huge heart and bill us to see her. Maybe let us make payments.

I swear, my animals have a talent for needing a vet on the d amn weekends. Nothing ever happens to them during the week. :rolleyes:


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It's sounds like a placenta delivered ahead of a kitten, just like in placenta previa in humans. That's why you are seeing the bright red blood. Problem you know have is that you've very likely got a dead kitten first in line to be born.

You NEED vet assistance on this one or you're chancing not just losing the litter, but the queen as well.

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That's what I was afraid of. :sad:

Is there ANY chance she might make it til morning?? I really can't see her letting me touch to see if the kitten is down far enough I could ease it out. She's an outside cat, and not at all the lovey dovey type unless in pain.

There are absolutely NO ER vets anywhere in this area. The soonest I can hope to get her in is in the morning. And I'll have to beg the vet to bill me for treating her, if she'll see her. I'm hoping because we always pay our bill in full and in cash at the time of the visit, vet will consider it.

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No news.

Shadow managed to slip out of the house this morning. Probably while the dogs were being put out to potty. We haven't see her since, and can't find her. :frown:


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Shadow's likely gone off to deal with it on her own. If the kit's alive in there it will secrete hormones that will encourage Shadow to push it out. Because of how the placenta attaches in cats you don't have the same risk of her bleeding out that you have in a human previa.

If you can catch her you might find that she's had the other kittens already. If you've been good with your bills I don't see why the vet won't carry you on this one. I'd discuss spaying while you are at it.