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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, May 24, 2013.

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    Since taking away difficult child's TV, cell phone, and computer privileges for a whole week, she has made it to school for six days straight. This is a record for her. I don't think she has been to school for more than three days in a row since the beginning of the school year. The school pych, who difficult child absolutely loves, is praising her up and down. I am proud of her as well, but I am not as enthusiatic as him. I know difficult child can very easily have a set back so I am being cautious in my optimism. difficult child fought me hard that week she lost her privileges. She even threatened suicide one night after I refused to let her use my phone to listen to music. But we got through it. She finally earned her privileges back on Wednesday night. I was afraid that once she earned them back she would start missing school again. But so far so good.

    I was especially worried about this morning. She slept terribly last night. I woke up around midnight and she was still awake. Then our new cat went missing and she freaked out and started looking all over for it. We still couldn't find it and difficult child said she couldn't sleep until the kitten was found. I told her the cat probably found a good hiding spot and was sleeping there. I finally convinced her to come back to bed around 1:00. She slept about five and a half hours. When I woke her up for school she had a really hard time getting out of bed but she did it. So she made it to school today. I am very relieved. We are going on our trip later today and I didn't want to have to deal with a difficult child with no cell phone for the next four days. I am proud of her and I just hope she continues to do well. Keeping fingers crossed!
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    Just make sure that she knows that if she falls back into the old pattern of not going to school she will lose her privileges again and have to start all over again.

    I hope you all have a good trip and a good weekend.
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    Thanks, Bunny. I already warned her last night that if she didn't go to school today then she would lose her privileges again for another week. So she got herself up and went to school. She didn't sleep good last night so I am hoping she makes up for it in the car and sleeps good tonight.