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    How well recognised is cd and odd in the us? in the uk it tends to be used as a last resort diagnosis for young offenders it is certainly not a condition that is spoken about a great deal here. very little info on the net regarding uk sites about the conditons. thankfully i found your site. i must add my difficult child is not a young offender (yet) but hopefully we can avoid that.
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    In the US, ODD is usually diagnosed by psychologists. It rarely stands alone, and NeuroPsychs and Psychiatrists rarely diganose it as a stand alone diagnosis. Some therapists do.
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    My son has ODD (tied in to his severe ADHD). The professionals I speak to have heard of it, but no parents of typical kids ever have. I'll admit that when I first heard of it, a few years ago, I had a "oh, that's just lousy parenting" reaction. Whoops!
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    CD is usually not diagnosed until after 18 years of age. ODD is usually a description of behavior that comes along with other diagnoses like ADD, Bipolar, depression, etc.
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    My difficult child has not been officailly diagnosed with ODD but shows every characteristic. I also thought it was a bunch of **** when I first read about it. But every day it makes more sense and I can see difficult child's behavior is out of the norm. To echo the rest of the posts - ODD is usually comorbid and does not stand alone