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    Soo I survived difficult child's surgery.Thanks to all for prayers and hope. things went well even though they had to repair alot more damage inside his nose than expected and the DR wanted to know how long his nose had been like that. My husband and I just looked at eachother and went DUH!(not actually to the DR just kinda to eachother) He is ADHD, Bipolar and a boy. It could have been when he jumped off the balcony straight into a tree or off the roof missing the trampoline or the many times he ran into poles because he is always looking where he has been rather than where he is going.:laugh: After the Dr left my husband and I started to laugh but the DR didn't think it was funny but come on --not kinding difficult child ran into the door frame as we were walking him in to have the surgery. The fact that he hasn't run into anything since the surgery is the real question.(Everyone knock on wood!!!!!):laughing:
    We have other things going on --his sister is leaving for college :sad-very: and we are all a little emotional - we have a grandbaby on the way from our oldest daughter who is out of the house (she is still not talking to me but text messages husband-but we are trying to get use to the idea of the baby) and our oldest son is working on trying to follow his career also not at home unfortunately for him burning a lot of bridges along the way-hope he can get it together -he also text husband but not me). FYI for newbie the two oldest are my step -and left because they didn't want to follow the house rules)
    Anyway, We have seen improvement with difficult child and am thankful that we had this opportunity with MST . Overall I give our MST gal 101% She has become a friend and confidant so I don't know what I will do when it all comes to an end. difficult child is making progress which is of course the most important. He is almost 17 now and I don't have him at home much longer either. MST and I were working on the now what plan for difficult child now that he is the only "child" left at home and what will become his responsiblities and all the rewards of now being the only child. difficult child is having oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth next hopefully that will be easy.:praying:
    Thanks to all. Talk to you soon
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    Thanks for the update.

    I hope difficult child (funny about him walking into the wall on his way to surgery!) recovers well from this op and the extraction goes smoothly. My easy child had hers done and it wasn't as bad as we thought. She only used the pain medications that first day but kept the bags of frozen peas on her cheeks for about 48 hours (I bought four so she would always have fozen ones - they mold really well against the cheeks). Make sure you have some jello and popcylces!

    As far as the oldest two - perhaps life is a little less stressful for you since they communicate only with husband.

    My daughter is heading out for college too - she is moving out on Monday - difficult child will be the only at home as well - life changes.......

    Take care,

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    I was wondering what happened regarding the surgery - thank you for posting an update - got a little chuckle too. (I'll take the laughter). Dude's nose is broken and will likely stay that way. The pitbull bit him twice in the face and he refuses to have it fixed. I know it sounds horrible, but even the therapist said - let it go - life lesson. Teasing a dog like that was ridiculous. When he got his jaw frozen = we also bought peas -we ate peas for months. lol

    And you have one going off to college. Congratulations Mom. I'm proud for you. That must feel like quite an accomplishment. I am still hoping to get Dude through a GED - it's looking bleak - but I will remain forever hopeful.

    How are you holding up otherwise? Hang in there and post more when you can. Good to hear from you!