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  1. Kjs

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    I really would like to hear some stories of good things going on for some of you.

    Steely - I know is having an excellent interview, then visiting her son. That's really good news.

    Abbey - bitter sweet. Hoping things work for the best.

    Who else has some good things going on? I'Learning Disability (LD) like to hear, think some good thoughts.
  2. timer lady

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    kt's new Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker started last week & was in again last night. This woman is a natural at working with abused/battered kids. And she is a hoot. She helps write the Oly & Lena plays here in town. kt & I may even have a part in the upcoming play this October. How's that for an audition. Dinner in our kitchen.

    In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker will get kt to the point of not needing inpatient.

    I'm more excited about possibly playing old Mrs. Svenson in a comical production later this year. Crochety old Mrs. Svenson, in a wheelchair & always bit*hing about this or that. Sounds like so much fun.
  3. everywoman

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    I am going this morning for my teacher of the year interview. I am anxious, but confident. I do my best work under stress.
  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    I feel like I am getting out of the negative slump I had been in for over one year. I feel good again and excited about life again.

    I am giving up the responsibility of Sunday School Superintendent. That was a hard decision, I thought I would have that forever because I really do like it. However, it was part of the reason I was starting to be negative. I stopped liking some of the duties and you really need someone who wants to do that position to make it a success. Maybe I will return to it some day?

    I have been trying to hold back in the leadership role of VBS. A very large project but no matter who is in charge of what, the congergation always seeks me out to complain about this or that. I think it good to have one person to go to for questions/answers but the one person to go to to complain got to be too much. I have started showing too much indiferrence when receiving complaints which just makes people angrier - time to find a new to go person.

    Being involved with school projects - the fun activities for the kids - is really helping me. I get to work with a friend and feel like I am helping and part of a team. We had so much fun setting up the beach party and the other activities for this week.
  5. crazymama30

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    difficult child has not had an office refferral since early in the school year. The principal sent him and his teacher a good job for working together postcard. easy child is doing well in school, continues to get mostly A's and some B's.

    husband's medication tweak worked, so he is much more level and the "schizo eyes" are gone(my own description, no offense to anyone meant).

    I switched docs and got my thyroid medication bumped up 2 notches. This doctor listens and is younger, the other one was about ready to retire and needs to.

    Hope my medication increase helps soon.
  6. ML

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    I don't have much to add to this thread except to say I love hearing the good things too! :)
  7. house of cards

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    I begged and pleaded with Major's psychiatrist and got a 25 mg increase in his Lamictal dose, I am hopeful it will help curb the implusive/entitled stealing that he does at this time of year.

    My sister is doing better emotionally, the one with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

    I have several evaluations for the Queen coming in and am just waiting for the language evaluation before I go back to try to get an IEP. If I don't have enough proof yet, I have a psy evaluation coming up in a week and a half. I feel very prepared to do battle.

    Monster's private Occupational Therapist (OT) is out for 8 weeks for surgery and we aren't going to go with a we get 8 weeks off!

    I've been feeling sick with sinus trouble for months and I finally seem to be getting my energy back.

    Thanks for asking, I didn't realize how much is going right!
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  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Great idea, kjs - thanks.

    easy child is doing very well at her main job as baker/pastry chef and just landed a PT gig at a child care school she worked at in HS so she can save some extra money.

    easy child was also able to get on the phone with Delta and re-create her and her boyfriend's trip to Spain without spending any more money than their original credit and even got an extra two days there!

    I went to church services on Sunday....and H came with me. Now, H and I have been shaky at best these past few weeks so when I asked him, I honestly thought he'd say no, but he said yes and he even liked the service. I'm going back next Sunday as I found some comfort while there, (cried my eyes out) which is a good thing.

    Sophie's health seems to be heading in the right direction. Her hematcrit is up and she's gained back 3 lbs. She gets her vet check again tonight and I'm hoping they can taper her medications down now. I've very hopeful. She was even playful yesterday in the snow!

    H has started to see a counselor - all on his own without even telling me. And he's been going to AA meetings every Wednesday.

    I was finally able to figure out how to deposit and use my timeshare. I actually have FOUR weeks that I can use, so I'm going to really start planning!
  9. bran155

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    Good topic!!! We should designate a forum just for good news!!! God knows we all could use a smile!

    I have been feeling really good about myself lately. Even though my daughter is still MIA and a total mess, somehow I have found the courage and strength to work on me. I have lost 15 pounds and am reconnecting with my husband. We have been so kind to each other, spending lots of time together with lots of laughs. We have been so affectionate towards one another and our bedroom life has improved immensely! My husband is even showing some jealousy and I am loving it!!! I have been wearing make up and doing my hair. I have even bought a couple of new outfits (smaller sizes). He is not used to this and I think he is feeling a bit threatened. And I am glad!!!

    It's amazing that when you start feeling good about yourself everything else seems to fall into place. You might remember that not too long ago my husband and I were going to split up. I think I was reading too much into things as I did not feel good about myself so I was overly sensitive. Now that I am taking good care of myself and feeling good, those things that were getting to me no longer bother me. In fact, in retrospect I think it was all in my head!

    I wish for all of you to take care of yourselves too. Don't forget that you matter, your happiness is just as important as your kids'. It is a great place to be. Hard to get to, but once you do it's so worth it!!! :)
  10. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    I've signed up as a volunteer and am attending a meeting at City Hall tonight in support of the new Los Angeles Football Stadium which will bring in tons of new jobs and income to the city and will not cost the taxpayers anything to have it built

  11. TerryJ2

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    Kjs, neat thread.

    Shawna, awesome. You GO!

    I am trading in my old Prius for a new Prius, and because of the economy, the new ones have been sitting on the lot all winter so it put us in a good position. husband negotiated for me (I HATE negotiating for cars) and he got payments that are $100 less a mo than we pd for the old car, plus a $750 rebate, plus a waiver for all the nicks and scratches on the trade-in. I don't completely understand how we can pay the same amt we pd 4 yrs ago, and since the interest is less, the payments are smaller overall, but I like this new economy stuff!

    I rec'd two checks in the mail for a watercolor I did last June. It feels good not only to get the $, but to stop stewing ... because I was ticked.

    I have filled out the paperwork for difficult child to attend a local Catholic school next fall. It will be $2000 less than where he is going now, and much less pressure.

    My 13-yr-old border collie/collie mix is not totally senile, as I thought. She was staring at the wall for no good reason, and I tapped her and snapped her out of it. I had given her too much pain medication and she was just drowsy. What a relief. I'm not ready to put her down yet. She is on the floor next to me now. I love it.

    AND THE GRAND FINALE: I got a full night's sleep last night. :)
  12. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well I have 2 good things.

    K was offered, without me having to ask for it, a 504 plan! I went this morning and they gave us everything we wanted and that she needed! I hope it goes as well as the paperwork looks! The Principal, Dr.Y is so cool and super nice, she is going to go out of her way to try to make a point of making K feel comfy and not so scared of *the principal*!
    I also got a check from her Occupational Therapist (OT) from Idaho, over payment!!! Small check but hey who cares!
  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Uhhhhhh.... can get back to you on that? Need. More. Coffee. :bloodshot:
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I bent over yesterday to get a post=it note off the floor with some pertinent information regarding our A/R status, and got my hair caught in the shredder. Of course I pulled my hair out before it got too short or anything, but I swear to you I sat in my office and thought -once again - ONLY YOU Star...ONLY you. But on the upside - I can vouch for Fellows having some of the most sensitive cross-cut shredders in the world.
  15. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Was it a good haircut Star*? Maybe you can star*t a new trend?
    The Shredder... not only does it slice it and dice, but look a the FAAABULOUS Hairdos or don'Tourette's Syndrome?
  16. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    OMG Timer Lady! I didn't know you lived in Lake Woebegone!

    easy child daughter just got an invitation to apply for the National Junior Honor Society, it took some cajoling to get her to even consider filling it out. I didn't even know what it was about, never having to even consider such recognition when both difficult children were in school!
  17. C.J.

    C.J. New Member

    N* talked to the private adoption social worker yesterday - without tears. Then, she helped me with dinner. It was reheating the previous night's leftovers, but she helped.
  18. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Okay, here's mine:

    I gots cute chickhenz! They donts lays eggz yet tho, but I'm a-waitin'! They makes me laff an' laff when I watches them take dust bathz under the grayp arbor :D
  19. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Star....I need to introduce you to my aunt. I told you about her didn't I? She's the one who broke her thumb and dislocated something else simply by taking her bra off. On second thought though....I don't know if the two of you should meet without Daisy's Nichole there to patch you two up. And maybe Janet's Jamie and Cory to help you guys up when you inevitably fall.


    Gcv.....ahem....I don't believe we've seen pictures of the chickies recently.

    Good news....hmmm....

    Six months at the "new" job and I still like it! Yes, one of the older guys gets on my nerves almost daily with his total lack of boundaries, his coffee breath-mouth breathing and his complete disregard for personal space but can't have it all. :tongue: (and just so you know....the personal space issue and the coffe breath/mouth breathing? Yeah....very lovely when combined)

    My sister is ready to pop and should produce my new niece (AND Goddaughter!!!) any day now!

    I'm registered and booked for a book/reader related convention and can't wait! And I also volunteered to help out so that should be fun too.

    My mom leaves next week for New Mexico to visit her oldest sister. They haven't seen each other in years (my aunt is 80, mom is 58 3/4) and my mom hates to travel, let alone fly, so this is a big deal and I'm excited for Mom. (Wish I could be cousin is picking Mom up at the airport and no one is telling my aunt Mom is coming. Mom is going to call her sister and joke about stopping by for supper and then go ring her doorbell. I would LOVE to see my aunt's face when she opens the door! LOL)

    Also Mom related, she has an appointment with my hair guy to get her hair cut and colored and then we are going shopping. That too is a big thing for mom!!!

    And did I mention that I'm going to be my niece's Godmother??? :bigsmile:
  20. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    HEAVENS! :surprise: I will rectify that oversight tomorrow!