Chicago reunion

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Apr 18, 2011.

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    The hotel in Lisle is RIGHT by my work. I drive right through Lisle when I stay at my sister's house. I work nights/weekends and it is 65 miles from my house, so I stay at my sisters one day a week.

    I end my workweek on Sunday morning at 7am. Would love to join the group that day. What are the plans? Would I have time to go to my sisters and catch a few hour nap?

    I could also be in the area Saturday afternoon before I start work. What are the plans?

    I do not work Sunday night. Would anyone still be around on Monday?

    I haven't updated much regarding difficult child. Just too much. But I do read and keep up on others. I think about posting things about difficult child and ask for advice, but I think I have done that too much over the years. I feel I have failed at everything I have tried.

    Hoping to meet some of you. Even though I haven't posted much recently, you guys are my heros.
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    Hi KJS --

    I don't think specific activities for that weekend have been mentioned. I hope you can make it around your work schedule (I used to work overnights so I know how tough that can be).

    I live VERY close to the hotel, so you must work very close to where I live. I can still be around on Monday if you want.

    I really hope you can make it - I want to meet as many people as possible!!!