Childish question about abdokminal fat...ugh!

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    My belly is getting fatter and fatter even though I'm eating healthy, primarily organic, foods. So here's the immature question. Since my surgery I am not to lift or strain. Somehow a couple of weeks ago a hernia popped out...right at my navel. The surgeon checked it out and said "maybe it will just stay as it is" "call me if you feel pain and I'll check you into the hospital, put some supportive mesh there and send you home the next day". Charming thought.

    Obviously I can't do leg lifts or other assertive exercises. All I can imagine I can do (and I'm fighting the idea) is start walking regularly in hopes that somehow tightens up the flab. by the way I am not obese. I look decent for my age from the waist up and my fanny down. My belly, however, looks like I recently gave birth to twins. Do you suppose an exercise bike would do any good? DDD
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    You can't burn fat from one certain place. So to reduce fat (if that is a problem) exercise bike is even better option than sit ups. Then again, often it's not so much about the fat but your muscle core not keeping it nicely tucked. And especially about your deep stomach and back muscles. Not the ones you train with doing sit ups but the ones you train for example in pilates. Okay, you may not be able to do many effective deep stomach muscle movements, but I bet you can do some. You can most likely for example put a pillow to the floor and stand on it. And if that is too easy, lift other leg slightly up and stand with one leg. And if that is too easy, close your eyes while doing it. Good for your balance and also puts those deep core muscles to work.
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    DDD, my dear friend,
    There's a major difference between "muscle tone" and "belly fat".
    I suspect you have a problem with both...

    Improving tone will help the hernia somewhat, and general well being a lot. But it won't burn belly fat.

    Burning belly fat won't give you muscle tone either. For me? belly-fat = wheat-belly. I've given up ALL modern wheat... I've lost a few lbs in the last month, but way more inches than the scale shows. More energy, less hunger. And other than dropping modern wheat, I'm NOT on a diet... I had a wonderful chocolate chip cookie with my lunch (home-made, of course, I have to do that to use alternative flours like oat, barley or "ancient" wheat).
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    Standing, lol, I can do. Like an Ibis? Sure, why not. I'm a Floridian! Never thought of it and am not sure why it would help but I'm sure you know what you're talking about. The exercise bike I figured wasn't apt to cause a strain so I'll try that too.
    I just do not want to go back to the hospital...even if it's just for one night. I am a wimp! Thanks. DDD