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Trimming Molly and Rowdy's claws were never an issue. Rowdy wears his down being outside, and Molly bites her nails (I kid you not). But Betsy's nails never seem to wear down no matter what we do. And Bruce was about to be declawed simply cuz I can't have him scratching up all mother in law's antiques she passed down to us........

You know that pet claw trimmer in the As Seen On TV ad? I can't think of the name of the darn thing and Nichole has put it away somewhere and now I can't find it to look........

Well, I picked one up today at walmart. For 20 bucks I decided it had better do miracles otherwise it was going back to the store. It's not at all difficult to clip Betsy's nails as we've done it reg since she was teeny and she doesn't mind.

So we try it on Betsy. She decides it's some great new toy and won't sit still for nuthin. :mad: Nichole finally gave up when two of us couldn't get her to settle down and stop trying to play with the darn thing.

So next we try Bruce. Both of us figured we'd be a scratched up mess with no trimmed claws. Bruce does not normally cooperate at all. But for this trimmer he sat perfectly still and let Nichole trim everyone of his front claws. :D

No worries about getting the quick because it does more filing them down that actually clipping them, and their nails don't go in that far.

I'm usually leery of As Seen On TV stuff. But this one works. Runs on batteries.

And now I won't have to get Bruce declawed. He seems happy his nails are trimmed. And I'm hoping now he'll stop trying to trim them down himself all over the darn house. :D Now if we can just convince Betsy it's not a toy like the motorized ball Santa brought her one xmas, we'll have it made. lol


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That's interesting! I'll have to keep my eye out for it. We just use regular "people" nail clippers to trim Whiskers' and Harley's front claws. They usually cooperate, albeit reluctantly ;)


Great! Now come do Baby Kitty's for me. :pet:
I'd still have to sedate Jewel. She won't let me touch her nails. But, I was thinking about trying it. It'll pay for itself if it works since now I have to pay the vet to do Jewel's on top of paying for the pills to sedate her - and then they still have to muzzle my otherwise gentle dog and have an extra person to hold her. Maybe if we use it a few times and it doesn't hurt, she'll calm down. I'm pretty sure Buster won't be a problem.

My cats, though....I don't see that happening.


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Sounds interesting. My cats are no problem. I get them while I am in the bathroom. Just pick one up, tell them what we are doing, and clip clip clip. Even Gracie is fine. They know they get treats when I am done!

Ia m glad it worked well for you.


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Daisy, I can't believe you posted this. I was going to put up a thread yesterday about trimming their toes. I usually have the vet tech do it with vet visits or when they get groomed but I noticed HS had torn one of her nails.
So last evening I send difficult child out to get me -------Pedi Paws at Bed, B*** & Beyond for 19.95.
I watched the video on line as they recommend and followed the directions on how to desensitize the pups to the new toy. I tried it on Honey sue with no problem. I only did three nails and only for the few seconds it recommends. I'll do more today. I wanted to keep it a peaceful thing since 100lbs of wiggling, terrified dog is a sight to behold.
Cowboy may be a little more challenging but if he sees his sister isn't scared then he will be less inclined to disappear.
I'm glad you had good results. I'll keep trying it today and tomorrow and hope to get the same.
They are both great about being brushed which is good since I do it about 2 to 4 times a week to keep ahead of the shedding. They are moderately cooperative to teeth brushing but they sure hate having their ears cleaned.


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I've never heard of those being used on cats! Great if you can! My dogs are both terrible about having their nails done. It's a struggle but I can usually bully Ragan into letting me trim hers - Katy is another story all together! The last time she had a really good nail trim, she was unconscious! When she had her surgery, the vet took advantge of it and gave her a good pedicure! Otherwise it takes half his office staff to pin her down to do her nails.

Another thing that works very well for dogs is a dremel tool! I don't have one yet but I've been dropping hints for Christmas. Most of them don't mind it at all. You do a little at a time to start out with and gradually it makes the quick retreat up in to the nail so you can get them much shorter, and then you can keep them that way. I'm always nervous just trying to do Katy's because two of her toe nails are black and I can't see how far down the quick is. If it passes the "Katy test", it will be well worth it!