Cleaning Berber carpet


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Anyone have any suggestions on how I might clean the following?

A room size Berber rug that is 16 x 16 that lays directly on top of a wood floor. The rug is way to heavy to carry outside or somewhere else to clean. I have played around with using the spray type foam cleaners but the result is not very good. I'm sure that I need to use something to make the cleaner get down in the carpet but haven't found anything to do it yet. Can't use a really stiff brush cause it messes with the texture of the carpet.

So....I have just been putting it off but it really is needing some cleaning.

Anybody with any ideas?
Such a coincidence..... new Berber carpet was just installed in my house. The installer was telling me the those "oxygenated" cleaners work really well for Berber carpet. (I would test a small area first, though.)

Good luck!



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You have to be careful since you have a wood floor underneath. You do not want to ruin that floor.

You may want to slip something underneath it before cleaning the rug.