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    Hi family -

    I'm curious to see if any of you have had any experience wtih CNS reeg. Dude had his disability hearing test yesterday and the psychiatric. doctor that he saw was a very neat guy. He's into brain mapping also so we had something to talk about as this is a science I belive in. He started speaking about EEG's and how he is using EEGs to correctly diagnose with 75% accuracy medicines for persons who have behavioral problems and addicitons. He told me it's been around for about 9 years or so. He did add that to the 75% accuracy that the company claims in his own tests he's had 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 accuracy. Meaning some worked, some didn't, and some patients didn't follow through so there was no telling.

    He gets a prescription for an EEG from an MD. He does the test which takes about 45 minutes. Then he sends the results off to a lab in California. The lab reads the brain waves and then based on the markers is able to do a report that they feel is able to pinpoint which medicines will help the patient with behavioral problems and possibly addiciton.

    I just wondered if any of you have heard of, or tried it.

    The test costs $150.00 and is not covered under any insurance. He was VERY interested when I told him that Dude has been on 65 medications with NO success in the last 12 years. I should have said - well if it comes back with one of the ones on OUR list do I get a refund - but I wasn't that quick - shoot. lol

    Any thoughts? I mean he wasn't pushing it or anything - just put it out there for consideration.
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    Hmmmm... I guess for $150 bucks, if you have it to spend, you could see what he comes back with. I've never heard of this company and I live near them. I'm a natural-born skeptic, so I don't think I'd try this as a first line stab at solving a particular problem. But given Dude's history, it might be worth a shot. If it comes back with some option you haven't already tried, well then maybe it's worth pursuing.

    P.S. We have another psychiatrist locally (who's also well-known nationally) who has been opening up brain imaging centers all over the place, professing to be able to diagnose and treat based on how your brain imaging comes back (PET scans, I think). I've been told repeatedly be others in the field that it's considered very investigational and because the guy charges a couple grand for the scans, he really only appears to be in this for the money. If he were really interested in helping people, he'd be conducting the requisit double-blind controlled studies to really prove (or disprove) the validity of this type of testing. But that costs money, and money that doesn't go into his pocket. (See where I'm heading with this?). So in the mean time, he continues to capitalize on his "method" and people line up to pay him. I know a mom who took her son to this center and paid the big bucks to have her son scanned. And in my humble opinion, this kid who only seemed to have your typical ADHD is now OVER-medicated because he walks around like zombie most of the time. Okay, getting sidetracked here...

    Caveat emptor... buyer beware.
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    I have heard rumblings about this from parents in some other forums. Mostly asking if anyone knew if it was reliable, if it truly worked. I can't remember a post from anyone who had it done on their kid.

    Sadly, $150 is pretty cheap. I can't get a bandaid from a doctor here for that. The EEGs here cost $550 and up. I am fighting some charges because the doctor is supposed to be under contract to the insurance co to accept a certain price for the service. We have been battling for 2 years.

    I am not sure I would trust a $150 EEG. It takes a long time to get all the electrodes in the right spot.

    But, since it is "only" $150, if Wiz wasn't stable I would give it a shot. Maybe use it with an EEG done by a doctor I know is reputable? Wonder if they would take an EEG done by another doctor?
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    Yep, difficult child had one. It was about $350, so your price is a deal. psychiatrist thinks it's great, he refers back to it all the time. I am not sure. It said that difficult child is senstive to stims, which he is, almost too much so. My difficult child reacts to medications differently, Lithium and Depakote caused big time increased aggression, big time not good. We had it done several years ago and medications such as abilify and some other new ones were not on it. It was interesting when psychiatrist explained it to me, it showed which brain waves were too slow and which were too fast and what that meant.

    With my difficult child's rEEG, they had a cap with the electrodes in it and it was placed on his head and there was ultrasound type gel under it. difficult child had a hard time holding still, and when he moved his facial muscles it would intefere and give artifact (I think) or a messed up wave lenght.

    If you get a tax refund, maybe do it then? If you can swing it budget wise go for it, but I would not kill myself to get it done.