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    I try to tell difficult child that he should not take the blame for others, that he should snitch, they would snitch on him. But, guess that seems to be the popular decesion to not snitch. I tell him I would.
    Now there's work. I just do not understand how a co-worker can run to the boss every chance he gets to tell him what everyone else is doing wrong..even calling him at home to do this. Acting like he is the model worker. How can he do this when his hands are just as dirty as thoses he is snitching on. Boss isn't here during the night when we work. I have witnessed boss getting very angry over something when the culprit was the snitch. Although he sat there, event trying to shift the blame to another department.
    Someone asked me if I would be comfortable going to the boss and telling him. No. I would not. Just wonder what everyone else thinks. Hope they do not think it is me. In that instance I would have to tell. I am the new person on the totem pole.
    Just have a hard time watching this.
    Just as I have a hard time wondering how a whole classroom full of kids can witness what is going on and let someone else take the blame. Guess I am just what I was telling difficult child not to be.
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> so essentially you're telling difficult child to do as you say not as you do. it's bad form to be the snitch at school or in the workplace & that's the bottom line. being the snitch gets you ostrasized faster than you can blink. as you've pointed out the man you work with-who does snitch to the boss is not well liked at all.

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    Where I work, it's all pretty clear-cut. There's "passing along information" and then there's "snitching" and there's a huge difference!
    Of course, I work in a Close Security prison, so we have rules and regulations out the ying-yang! Breaking the rules where I work can put people in serious danger, including injury or death! If we are aware of someone who is breaking a serious rule - bringing in contraband (drugs or weapons), being lax in security procedures, overlooking safety regulations, etc. - we are expected to "tell". These people are putting themselves and all of the rest of us at serious risk and you HAVE to pass that along to the proper people. You CANNOT let it go by and look the other way. If we are aware of something like this going on and DON'T tell, we would be in just as much or more trouble ourselves as the one who was doing it!

    But "snitching", at least where I work, is a totally different thing! "Snitching" is when you run and tell something relatively minor, something that would never amount to a hill of beans anyway, something that endangers no one, to either gain favor for yourself or to "kiss up" to the powers-that-be! Suppose you knew of someone who called in "sick" when they weren't really sick - it's none of your business and you keep your mouth shut! You don't run and rat them out! The ones that do things like that are considered lower than dirt! That guy that you ratted out may be the same one who has to come in and rescue your b*typical teen if we ever have "problems" again. You just don't do it! We had one guy who "snitched" on another one TEN YEARS AGO over something trivial in hopes of getting his job and hours! It didn't work, and he is still known as a "snitch" among the oldtimers like us!
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    I didn't snitch on anyone. That is what gets me so angry. That I sit here and watch. I just don't understand the actions of this man. IF I were blamed by the other workers for the issues that are now surfacing because of this man, then yes, i would have to let the boss know what is going on. As long as I am not involved, I just hope what goes around comes around. I feel guilty for telling difficult child to snitch on who put him in the closet, and I sit here watching people get blamed for things that someone else did. And I KNOW someone else did because I witnessed it. So I did not rat anyone out, and maybe he will have to save my :censored2:..if he were to wake up during a shift!!
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    In your case, I probably would have encouraged my child to "snitch" too, Not that they would do it either ... The difference here is that your son is actually being punished for something that was someone else's fault! It DOES affect him.

    In his case, he is probably more afraid of retalliation if he tells. The school is not handling this very well at all. They should be treating it as a case of bullying and go from there, not blame the "victim"! They're taking the easy way out.