"Collaborative Day's Not So Bad, Mom"


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Hmmmm, I wonder who was saying that very statement a week ago?

As some of you will remember, difficult child's anxiety stepped up ten notches when discussing returning to collab. day treatment program after discharge from psychiatric hospital. last week. I repeatedly encouraged him that he could get through the final 14 days of school and that he had a new, improved outlook, etc.

Well, as luck would have it, the four days in this past school week went very well. They had an all-day field trip Thursday to a local beach which has a huge playground, large sandy beach and a very nice gazeebo/picnic area. Staff had all sorts of activities planned - 3-legged race, sack race, egg toss game, etc. difficult child said they got there and before you knew it, it was time to get back on the bus and go back.

That night, he said he really didn't want to tell me, but he decided Collaborative Day really wasn't so bad. He said with a sigh "You were right Mom". :rolleyes: I think it may have physically hurt him to say so, but you gotta love it!

So far, staff has reported the only negative is that difficult child still wants to talk and talk and talk. I know that's distracting in a school setting, but I keep restraining myself from telling them that at least they haven't had to call the police because he's throwing desks and threatening to injure himself or anyone else.

Only 10 more school days to go!!! Still crossing my fingers, but I am remembering to breathe!!


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well it takes a big man to admit when he's wrong....esp to his mom. give him a pat on the back from me please.

only ten days left? i thought most school settings like this go year round so the kids don't loose the routine of things.


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Oh, the agony of admitting this! :smile:

I'm glad difficult child is showing some awareness of his surroundings & the effect it is having on him. :bravo:


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Yes, I agree with you - it was a big thing having difficult child admit that to me. :smile: Poor kid, grimacing the whole time. Hee hee.

difficult child's IEP has him graduating from coll. day treatment in June and also has him enrolled in the extended school year program, so he'll have about 2 weeks off and then start the summer program just after July 4th. Then, he will have two weeks off at the end of summer break before starting school back up in the fall.

So far, we have planned for him to go back to an 8:1:1 setting in the fall, although it will not be in our school district, which might not be a bad thing, actually. That's the plan, anyway.