Collaborative problem solving - drilling down for concerns

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    One of the challenges of cps is gathering information from kids about their concerns. The first concern they mention is not usually the one that is causing the problem , so we need to ask if there are any other concerns

    Drilling down for concerns is important if we want to solve problems Behaviorists will use motivators to deal with ' behaviors' . Even if the motivators get rid of the behavior and the student manages to pull himself together and perform , it is usually despite an existing problem. The problem or unmet concerns are still not being met. This of course has a negative impact on intrinsic motivation. Not only because extrinsic motivators undermine intrinsic motivation but also underlying problems are not being solved

    Parenting is Learning: Collaborative problem solving - Drilling down by ' tabling'

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    This is so true. I have been trying to do this with difficult child who had been at a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for 2 months and it does help. I don't think it would work as well if he had not been at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), as they used the cps system and by the time he got home? He already kinda knew how the system works.

    Cps can be hard to implement, but I have seen the positive impacts. For me? The hardest part is keeping my cool when difficult child gets stuck or starts to melt down.