comaheart . . . how are you doing?


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difficult child is FINALLY starting to turn the corner. This stay in rehab has proved much more difficult than the first. He had been so depressed and down. He wasn't sure if he even wanted to be clean. :(

During our family session on Friday, he finally sounded happy and his head was obviously clear. He'd come up with a list of questions for a sober living program and with the counselor, called and talked to them. He is coming around to the idea that he's not coming home this time. Its time for him to take his recovery seriously and start working a program for himself. When he gets out of rehab he'll (hopefully, as long as they accept him) go live in this structured sober living program.

I feel good about it all. Of course I worry hes going to be kicked out of the program, but I have to stop myself... he has to want this. If not, there's nothing more I can do. *sigh *

Thanks for thinking of me!


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That sounds like a really good update, comaheart. I especially liked the part that your difficult child is realizing that coming home is not the right next step.

Keep us posted.