Comedian with-Aspie Child on Radio this AM

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    husband listens to Bob and Tom during the drive to work. This morning's comedian has a son who was recently diagnosed with Aspergers.

    The 17 son asked if he could go back to just having ADHD. Why? Because he didn't want to have something that sounded like as$ and something you eat.

    In describing Aspergers, the comedian asked if they knew how kids sometimes walk along looking at their shoes? Well, an kid with Asperger's walks along looking at YOUR shoes.

    Apparently this man's son likes to walk into a room, say something, then leave. (As do my own Aspie and my father)

    The other day the son walked in and said, "Dad, is it true you didn't have the internet when you were a kid?" "yes" "What did you do for porn?" And then the kid just walked out, leaving the dad sputtering.

    husband thought this was just a riot. Cause our Aspie has done this stuff!

    Hope you got a chuckle.

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    You can't make that stuff up, huh?
    Too funny!
  3. I love Aspie humor, but I always end up asking myself, "Did he really mean that to be funny?" I think it is sometimes impossible to know!

    We lost several trees in our yard last week due to a string of storms and tornadoes. Of course, that leaves us with the expensive task of getting them off our property. Our local city government is very strict and picky about how trash is to be packaged (especially grass clippings, branches, etc.), but twice a year we get a "free" trash pick up day where we don't have to cut, wrap, package, etc. by the strict rules. One of those days is next week.

    When husband and I were discussing the "free" day, difficult child pipes up , "Will they take a tree if you put it on the curb?" husband and I dissolved into laughter and difficult child said , "What, what so funny?" Now I ask you, is that intentional or non-intentional Aspie humor ?