Completely Occupational Therapist (OT),,,Baby's First BD party ideas?


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We are trying to get a head start on deciding what to do for Keyana's first birthday. Yes...2 and a half months head start! Call us anxious first

We dont have any real ideas about what to do for a first birthday party for a baby. She is really too young for some place like Chucky Cheese. I have heard of Princess Parties but would that be too old for her?

Ok all you YOUNG mommies out an old woman out!

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You're not too early. easy child was planning Darrin's 1st birthday 6 months in advance. And N has been thinking and planning for awhile now.

easy child always does Chucky Cheese. But Darrin's 1st birthday was here at my house with both sides of the family invited. We had pizza and then the cake later. (doesn't help that his birthday is right before xmas) The last 2 have been at Chucky's because we found out on the 1st one that even my big house is too small to hold the whole family.

N is having a cook out at b/f's parents. All of b/f's family is invited as well as ours, and friends with little ones. B/f's dad even volunteered to grill. She's already started buying the decorations. If it's rained out, they have a huge basement family room for everyone. I figure easy child and I can volunteer to bring some dishes to help out b/f's parents with the food. It's so much nicer when bdays are during warm weather and you can have them outside if you want.

Chucky Cheese is horribly expensive around here. But then McDonald's and Burger King aren't really cheap either. :hammer:

N's 1st birthday wound up being a pool party. Wading pool, that is. lmao It was hot, I didn't have air conditioning, and the kids all wanted to play in the pool. They ate cake and ice cream "picnic style". easy child's was bubbles in the yard with some neighborhood kids. T's was too.

I try not to make 1st birthday's too huge cuz baby usually gets tired and cranky if you do. And I never saw the point in putting tons of money into it when they weren't going to remember it anyway. My daughters haven't taken after me. lol


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I'm with Lisa. We kept the first birthday to close family friends. Like she said, they won't remember anything about it.

We did the big stuff as they got older ~ clowns/magicians, princess parties, Chuck E. Cheese, gymnastics parties, and the ever popular sleepover parties. You name it, we did it.

Personally, I'm all for parties that take place somewhere else. I hope that I never have to have 12 pre-teen girls spend the night at my house again.



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I think our problem may be that we are a "blended" family so to speak. I have only met Lindseys mom and sister. Mom one time. Maybe by this time we are all getting along...lets hope. I know on Camerons Second birthday Lindsey invited Cory and the family had a fit. Never mind she was pregnant with He wasnt even invited to the 3rd birthday because they were fighting. Sigh.

Anyway...Keyana turns 1 in June. As far as our side of the family it will only be us. My family only consists of my dad and he cant travel. husband's family wont. I doubt Jamie could come down considering girlfriend will be due in July.

I could do it here at my house but I doubt many would come. Maybe her mom would have it at her house. We would go there. I wouldnt mind providing the decorations and the cake. Or maybe at some place like all you can eat place that has a separate room for parties.


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We are also planning Baby J's 1st Birthday (May 7) :bravo: :smile:
Ours will be probably here in my apt., with family present (SO has a big family compared to me) We will also incorporate my fathers birthday (May 14)He will be 84.
I will hang Balloons, make 2 cakes (one for baby J to do as he wishes) :smile:
Gosh, we do have alot of babys in the "difficult child baby club" turning 1 this year!!!!! :smile: :thumb: :bravo: