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This Christmas husband and I got a gift box with four chili mugs
(we are using them for coffee) and a box of chili mix. The
mix was terrific. The gift box is from Field & Stream.

This is like de ja vu all over again!

About three years ago we got a similar gift that was a box
from the Tabasco company. I searched and searched and got
so frustrated that I called the customer service rep at the
Tabsco company... only to be told they had no
access to the chili ingredients and could not head me in the direction of which company provided the box that was inside their Christmas promotion package!

NOW...all I can find is Ebay listings for the Field & Stream
4 cups and the box of mix. I want the darn mix only!

Anyone bored and know how to see if Field & Stream sells it
OR who they got it from to sell it in their gift box???

Yes, I know I have lots of big problems to worry about but, darn it, that mix was great for my family! DDD


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I dont suppose you still have the bag that the mix came in do you? LOL. That would possibly tell who made it. Another possibility would be to email someone on ebay who is selling one of those packages and ask them to look and see if there is anything saying who made the product.

Its possible that a company like Harry and David (is that the name?) or one of those other specialty food companies makes the packages for those things. I have seen them in Walmart before the holidays. However, I have seen good chili mixes in food lion. Not just the little mccormicks packs but boxes. Or maybe it was walmart. I cant really remember but I saw them. I am not a big fan of the chili mixes because I cant eat spicy foods but we tried a couple and the family liked them.

If you cant get anywhere with what I suggested above let me know and I will see what I can do...dont know that I can find anything out but who knows.


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I don't know if these are maybe the ingredients that are IN the bagged mix that is in that box.

My only other thought would be to call Field and Stream and TELL THEM how much you enjoyed the mix and ask for a few bags. Call customer service, they have email and a 1-800 line.

OH the looks of things....I have NO life. whaaaaa.....
I am holding a package of Field and Stream chili mix in my hands!! (Well - ok - I have put it down to type)

The mix is manufactured for and distributed by Houston Harvest Gift Products LLC of Franklin, Illinois. I couldn't find a website but they have a toll-free number - 1-877-738-4438 - for questions and/or comments.

And I have four new honkin' huge coffee mugs! I have been searching for this size coffee mug for many, many years. (I seem to have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) thing about the size of my coffee mug)

DDD - you will be receiving a little package in the mail a few days after I can get to the post office!!



Well-Known Member're my new best friend! LOL!

The cups are awesome, aren't they? I made chili without the
mix tonight and all three guys only ate ONE bowl each. I
am eager to stock up on the mix and watch them pig out again

Thanks for your caring. DDD