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    My difficult child has been on 27 mg of Concerta for a month and has already lost 5 lbs. Of the many side effects that bother me, that is the one that most concerns me. Any suggestions for high cal/higher fat (yet healthy) snacks and meals???? His appetite is close to normal by supper time, so I want to make that meal and his bedtime snack as beneficial as possible for him. Same with breakfast (he's never been a big breakfast eater so medications or no medications that's a tough one). According to his teachers, he barely touches his lunch at school, and says he's not hungry at snack either. Any ideas, suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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    Okay, here's how we've dealt with the whole weight issue -- which was/is a BIG deal for difficult child 1 because of his Crohn's:

    We were told that dairy fat is the quickest way to inject calories into a diet -- so shakes, smoothies, even ice cream are encouraged.

    Adding healthy fats like olive oil to your dinner recipes can also boost calories. Try offering cream-based soups instead of broth-based (clam chowder is a fav at our house).

    And finally, we let him eat whenever he wants -- even if it's at bedtime. He typically gets hungrier in the evenings after medications wear off.

    And if he's old enough to understand, try to explain why it's so important to try to eat something during the school day, even if he doesn't feel hungry.
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    Our difficult child used to take concerta when they thought she was ADHD, and the medication kept her weight down a lot too. She would eat like a PIG and not gain an ounce. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and at that point only weighed about 100 pounds. Since the medication has been gone, she has gained a little weight, not much, but now she looks a lot closer to "normal". The doctor told us that we needed to make sure she got lots of carbs (the "good" kind of carbs) and protein. Make eggs whenever they will eat them, peanut butter on toast instead of regular toast, and as much red meat as they can stand.

    There are the suggestions we were given, but we didn't get much chance to try it out becuase it wasn't long after that when they discontinued that medication.

    Hope this helps you!!
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    He loves milk, so I'm going to buy whole when I go grocery shopping tomorrow....and I don't think he'd mind eating ice cream everyday! lol What about Pediasure or Boost? Anyone have any success with those?
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    Miss KT would not touch either Pediasure or Boost...they "tasted funny." But it's possible to camouflage them in a milkshake or a smoothie. Shoot a little whipped cream on top, get some're all set!
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    Whole milk is a good idea. I also would make sure he had a great breakfast before that medication kicked in. I would often make him a milkshake. Also, he was allowed to eat in the evening as long as he brushed his teeth last thing!!! And, he did not take it on weekends or school holidays. That helped even things out a tad.

  7. gcvmom

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    You can also try Carnation instant breakfast. It's not quite as expensive as the Boost or Ensure or Pediasure. It's great to add to milkshakes or smoothies for some added calories and nutrition. I have a friend who puts peanut butter and bananas in her smoothies and loves it -- maybe that's a combo he'd like?
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    I bought some pediasure today, store brand though so a bit cheaper but still...pricey! As for carnation instant breakfast, I checked that out...fat free and half the calories as pediasure!