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I did point out to the VP all of the violations of his IEP. NOt a single one has been followed. He didn't care.
Earlier I had asked if I could observe this class, since it is the only class he has trouble in. Being removed almost daily. He told me absolutely not.

On the way out we happened to cross paths with the man who was difficult child's escort.

Me: Excuse me do you have a minute.
escort: sure
Me: Did difficult child physically run away from you on Friday.
escort: Oh, no, no. He came directly to the office and was sitting quietly waiting for me.
Me: (looking at VP next to me)..Thank you

VP walked me out. I asked him what was going to be done to ensure his IEP would be followed. He said..I don't know.
I told him this is a legal and binding document and I will see to it that it will be followed.

No word. I left! I was just shaking I was so angry. I called the district office and asked the man in charge of this middle school if I could observe my son's class. He said absolutely. then asked what my reason was. I told him his IEP has not been followed. 4 out of the first 5 days he has been removed, and last Friday. It is only one teacher. difficult child says he is removed because he is talking all the other times. If that is the case, and others talk, they will have to build a bigger office.

He replied he will not approve that. I have the wrong reasons to go to this class and it is out of the question. I went off again. He told me due to administrative changes he is now in charge of ten buildings and doesn't have time for this.

I was so angry. Still am. Sorry so long.


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I would be sooooooo livid!! I cannot believe these people! I don't know what to say - other than you handled yourself well. I think I would have told him to @#$%^& OFF!


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You need to go to the school board and talk to whoever is in charge of Special Education AND the IEP coordinator. If you can't get anywhere with that - go to school board superintendent -nothing still - get a lawyer. SERIOUSLY!!

Get one that specializes in school and special education.

Call the LOCAL media - they don't want that reputation.

I am saying these steps because a mom at our school had to do that. Ridiculous - but I can tell you that they jump when she calls. It was bad and she did not need to have to go through all that, but she did and it worked.

You handled yourself very well. I commend you.


The IEP is a legal document, carefully planned by the Child Study Team and requiring full implementation by the school district.

That's the intention, anyway. The follow-through's often lacking, and you're liable to find that your child is in fact not getting all those specialized services he is legally entitled to. Some problems may be easily fixed, and some battles may not be worth fighting.

Call the Child Study Team and explain the problem. State specifically what you want to be done about it. Set a deadline for the correction to take place. Follow up with a fax or certified letter describing your conversation and the solution that was discussed. At each level, if you can handle things through phone calls only, go ahead.

Keep good notes about who you talk to, when, and what they promise. As long as things are proceeding in good faith and your child's safety is not an issue, you can remain at the phone level.

In all contacts, by phone or on paper, reign in your anger and frustration and keep your tone calm, professional and purposeful. The law is on your side, you know it, they know it, and although you are a reasonable person you do expect the situation to be corrected.


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That sounds like really valuable advice, Dore. I do think some professional back-up is needed here, otherwise Kjs is sounding to much like just another angry parent, especially if VP is getting his version of events in people's ears first. You need an advocate. If there is already a service of some kind (as Dore seems to indicate - I wouldn't know enough about the US situation) then use it, Kjs.