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  1. Andy

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    Do you ever notice little insignificant connections between people? Especially you and another person? Especially you and an immediate family member?

    This isn't of any importance, just a interesting thing I just noticed this morning. My sister and I are identical twins and even though this is just a by chance thing, it does seem weird on a certain level.

    My twin sister and her husband have a favorite bible verse. They put it on their license plate and it is on a few wall hangings in their home. I never thought much more about it than to think of them when I hear it.

    You know those little cards with your name on it and a saying listed about your name? Many times they are bible verses. I have one in my bedroom with my name on it and a bible verse. I haven't really looked at it for years (obviously) but when I read it this morning it dawned on me that it is my twin sister's verse. How weird is that?
  2. Lothlorien

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    How incredibly sweet. You should tell your sister that.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Well, LOL, you two ARE identical! But yeah, I've seen things like that between family members. If you think about it though, if you're raised in the same family (and even not in the same immediate family) you're being raised by people who have similar experiences so to me it would make sense that you have similar things and/or interests/likes.

    My mom is the youngest of 9 and from those 9 there are 18 grandchildren (my generation......although "my" generation ranges in age from a year older to my mom down to a few years younger than me). My mom and her siblings, while all were raised by my grandmother (her husband was a real piece of work so no one really claimed him. They were divorced when my mom was a year old). Anyhoo....all of them have had a wide variety of luck in their adult lives. But, while I can't think of anything specific right at this moment, my cousins and I have a lot of similarities in the way we do things simply because, I think, of the influence our grandmother had on our parents.

    As for you and your sister, like I are identical twins. While you have seperate experiences, you still have identical genetic make-up and probably "operate" (think, rationalize, etc) in very similar ways. I read a book about identical twins who were seperatated at birth and after they found each other as adults, discovered that they had quite a lot of similar experiences growing up (things they controlled) and were actually a lot a like.
  4. ML

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    You are blessed to have that type of connection. I love it when I find others out there who have journied along similar paths. To me those connections are signs from my higher power that remind me I'm not alone. Great stuff, Andy.
  5. Steely

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    Not weird at all.
    I find, that as of late, I am walking in the land of surreal.
    Every time I turn around there is a connection I have to something or someone.
    I am not sure why. But it is weird, and a bit unsettling.
    However, I believe there is a reason - I just have to figure that reason out.
  6. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    I have a strange story. When difficult child 1 was 8 he was having a terrible time at a private school whose teachers were accusing him of laziness because he was having trouble in class. He was never accepted by his peers and he was trying so hard and was bullied and humiliated. Even his teacher told me that he "knew he was DIFFERENT". I had been doing a lot of meditation, yoga, etc. and had become very in touch with my body, so I went into myself and tried to feel what he must have been feeling. I had an image of difficult child 1 sinking in quicksand. The next morning he told me that during the night he had a terrible nightmare of been stuck in quicksand!
  7. Andy

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    Three Shadows - That is certainly a connection. It gave me memory goosebumps. I had that type of connection with my twin sister as well as twice with a younger sister when she was in danger.

    My twin sister does not have the ability to "read" me. She teases me by saying it is because there is nothing to "read" but I always find those connections a little scary.

    It was to the point that although I didn't know what cards she held when we were playing card games, I could sense how best to play my cards because I could "feel" what she had. Never could actually name the cards, but knew how to play against them. Now if I could do that with anyone else, I would be on those televised poker shows winning lots of money.
  8. tinamarie1

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    wow! i think that is so cool.
    a little different, but i wanted to tell you that i met this lady who lives a few houses down. well guess what? we found out we went to the same church in Texas at the same time! we didn't even know each other. this was like 7 years ago too.
    we are best buds now and i think it was that little thing in common that brought us together.