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    Original thread title: IEP vs 504: ACT/SAT Question

    All of my kids are on IEPs and Piglet is doing so well that when she is evaluated at the end of next school year they are anticipating dismissing her from her IEP. However, she will still and may always need extended time on the major tests (standardized assessments), they are just too long and too many little circles. I know with an IEP the child can get extended time for the ACT/SAT. Does a 504 have the same power?? The school agrees that even if she is able to discontinue the IEP for classroom issues that the big tests will still need to be accomodated.
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    Extended time for testing is an accommodation whether you're working with an IEP or Section 504.

    It's wonderful to hear that Piglet is doing so well. :cool:

    If your school district typically accommodates students who need extended test times, Piglet wouldn't necessarily need a Section 504 in the eyes of the sd because it is something they do for all students if the teacher determines it best.

    Beware however that sd's have personnel turnover and policy changes. Assurances given one year may not apply next year. Unless there is a 504 plan or IEP in place, the sd is not legally bound to accommodate. For this reason, I'd recommend that you get the 504 set up at the time the IEP is dismissed.

    This is an easy thing to do, meeting wise. The IEP meeting is held, student is dismissed, the IEP meeting is over. The IEP Committee is now the Section 504 committee and a 504 meeting is in session.
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    Another idea would be to keep her IEP open with consultative services for her learning issues.

    This would allow for accomodations to be written into the IEP...which is binding. Consultative services can be as brief as 15 min per month or written so that the sped teacher must consult with the reg ed teachers quarterly and or before standardized tests, etc.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to keep her on an IEP with consult but if not they said that they'd do a 504 for the standardized testing.
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    I kept my easy child on an IEP with "consultative services' (for speech/language) through 5th grade even though she never received ANY direct services from the school. Every year the new teacher was "notified" of her residual issues and those quarterly or whatever teacher consultations never happened. HOWEVER, if there had been a problem, the mechanism protecting her and getting services was in place.

    For her, extended time was not an issue but if it had been, I think that the same format would be my prefereance over a 504. It seems that is the direction you are heading.

    Congratualtions to Piglet!!!