504 Meeting Scheduled, Should I Push for IEP?

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    My 7 year old DS has been having major behavior issues this year in 2nd grade. He had no issues in school in K or 1st grade but has had repeated issues this year with the teachers aide in his class, leaving the classroom, screaming, etc.

    It all came to a head before Christmas when he got suspended for 4 days for kicking the teachers aide, leaving the school building, and knocking over a trash can. He was mocked by a substitute teacher, who made fun of his voice in front of the other children (she admitted to this after the fact and is no longer welcome at the school) and had a complete meltdown, left the classroom and was chased by the teachers aide. His suspension was overturned due to the circumstances.

    After this happened we had independent psycho-educational testing done and he was diagnosed with ODD. His IQ is 120 and he generally gets straight A's in school. He is reading two years above grade level and is off the charts with his math scores. He does have issues with fine motor skills and scored below grade level for writing. The therapist who tested him said that she thinks he might have a writing disability that may develop as he gets older and the work is more difficult. The report from his testing also had several recommendations related to writing. He tends to get really frustrated when he has to write assignments which leads to him having a short fuse and behavior issues. He's currently in Occupational Therapist (OT) weekly, and sees a therapist once every 2 weeks. He also has some sensory issues related to loud noises.

    Since the incident he switched classrooms and hasn't had any behavioral issues (1.5 months). We are in the process of a 504 plan and have the initial meeting next month. I'm wondering if I should be pushing for an IEP. I'm worried that in the future he might have another bad classroom fit and exhibit bad behavior again and I want to make sure the writing issue is addressed. He is also having neuropsychologist testing done next month as well which may help pinpoint the exact issues.
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    I would most definitely push for an IEP. Based on what you describe, it sounds like your son's sensory issues may be causing many of his behaviors. He may have high functioning autism (what used to be called Asperger's). It would certainly fit with his high IQ, his fine motor issues, and what sounds like difficulty interacting with others - "short fuse" as you call it.

    If you decide you would rather have him evaluated for an IEP, you need to submit a request in writing stating the reasons for your concern. It's best if you address the letter to the director of special education, and state in the letter that you want him evaluated for special education services specific to sensory needs/autism. There are specific tests for autism that are not done if a student is being screened primarily for a learning disability. The gold standard assessment is called the ADOS and is usually administered over multiple days. Most school districts do not administer this assessment and instead use something called the GARS.

    Due to the second semester already being in progress and the fact that schools have 90 (school, not calendar) days to complete their testing, he may not actually receive an IEP, assuming he is found eligible, until the beginning of next school year. It's definitely worth doing at his age; he has many more years of K-12 ahead of him and getting the right diagnosis/accommodations in place can make a world of difference.

    You may also wish to follow up with a developmental pediatrician who may be able to recommend additional assessments, and who can facilitate an ADOS screening if that is a direction in which you decide to go.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    I would recommend to go ahead and have the 504 meeting scheduled. Since he does have (down syndrome? ). You mention he had a teachers aide in the class is he already in a secluded classrom. And what state or you in as each state has different rules. But you can proceed with your 504 meeting and send prior notification by email or hand delivery of letter with 2 copies one they sign and hand back to you and one they keep. Then in meeting request a full functional evaluation , and state only your concerns never direct them to a diagnosis, testing should do that. You can state you have a suspicion of autism or any and why and let them decide what to test their is a form. And disagree do not let them get you to agree to signing agree unless they print pages of meeting and notes or their to test and all conversation correct.

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    Please update with any new questions or results.