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    I am baking chocolate chip cookies tonight. Tons of them. easy child's swim team eats after each meet and feeds the visiting team. So us parents split up the food that we bring. I decided to make cookies. I just had husband try one and he told me that he might have to try a few more to be sure they were ok for the girls. UH huh.

    I love being able to do these types of things but oof baking cookies in the middle of the night is tiring. I was thinking of making home made frosting and making the cookies into sandwich cookies. I want to do this. Not sure the follow through is going to happen. We will just have to see.

    easy child also wants me to make some rice krispie treats. I bought the stuff but I am not sure those will get made either.

    Because of the girls that have dropped out of the team I am also bringing some other stuff...fruit and bagels. I am kinda thankful this is the last home meet.

    We also as the junior swimmers and parents decorated the pool area for the senior swimmers. They are honored at the last meet. We had a lot of fun.

    I had to laugh at one of the situations. My daughters orthodontist is the parent of another junior. So he and his wife were also there. One of the other moms goes oh thats right his first name is M. I looked at her and said really he has a first name. Well her and the mom on the other side of me both said at the same time.... Yep it is DR. We all laughed pretty good at that bit of sillyness. It was a nice small group of parents and girls and things came together really nice. It was so fun.

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    Sounds so shockingly "normal" & fun. What I would give for days like that. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself & was able to watch your daughter compete on swim team.

    Way To Go! :cheerleader:
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    What a fun and NORMAL thing to do! You are a pretty dedicated mom to do all of the baking after the decorating. It is great when we get to do the normal things, isn't it?
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    Well my cookie baking days are past, but I do remember late night sessions doing this..... I learned to make toll house choc. chip BAR cookies...... just put regular cookie dough in a jelly roll pan and spread evenly...... bakes in about 20 minutes and then you can cut when they cool....... I grew to hate spooning the batter one at a time........ so try it next time and get a little more sleep!!!! Sounds good though!!!!!
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    I would normally do bars also. easy child really wanted cookies and not bars. So I went ahead and did it that way. Once I was on my system roll it didn't go bad.

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    I am SURE that last batch was NOT good - NOT NOT NOT

    Now what you can do is SEND THEM TO ME.........

    I'll test them......analyze them.......send a written report (and most likely a request for more cookies) just to be sure that you are getting the best flavor out of those cookies..... part is I WILL DO THIS FOR FREEEEE........yup - whadda friend.

    Its nice to see you SMILE beth - you deserved it ..........

    Please PM for address for cookie test -mmk?
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    You are such a good mom! Bet there were NO COMPLAINTS on the food....... if so rejects are accepted at my house!
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    I remember those days. Although my baking was done for school parties and the like. Now easy child has taken it up. She cheats and buys the premade cookie dough. lol

    I haven't baked in quite a while. Not since I discovered my girls always think it's a great idea to use Mom's kitchen.......but Mom gets stuck with the work while they sit and yak. And I get stuck with the clean up. lol easy child was not pleased all baking for holidays was done last year at her house. :rofl:
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    Sounds like a fun night! Any extra cookies can be shipped to me in Wisconsin!!:)