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    What happens if the parent doesn't agree with the other members of the iep team (who will all be members of sd)? According to PEATC, there are no advocates in my area who are familiar with IEP's for kids with bipolar. I can't afford to take difficult child's therapist with me. I am verbally relaying his concerns tomorrow at the meeting.

    I see this being part of the conversation :

    Me: difficult child has difficulty with ABC
    Them: Oh- No- we don't see that here at all.
    Me: Well based on what I see and his therapist or psychiatrist see and his grades and what difficult child tells me, I think we need to address this in the IEP
    Them: We think he can do those things just fine when he wants to- see how well he did 3 months ago...

    So, then what do you do?
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    You keep fighting. Don't take no for an answer. Drown them in paper after paper re bipolar. Want me to be your advocate? lol

    The one time I refused to sign an IEP, however, the case manager said, "ok, then we'll stop all her services right now." (and was, of course, an empty threat). That really ticked me off. We ended up with a compromise.
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    how did it go?

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    Well, we re-scheduled until next week to deal with the typical IEP issues. We spent this entire meeting discussing the need for the county team. They wouldn't put in a request for an emergency county team, but are requesting a sd MDT team (which is an internal sd meeting and I won't be there). I looked into that a little, to clarify what the purpose of that is. Anyway, I'll have to see how the rest of this goes next week at another iep meeting, then the following week will be the triennial evaluation. I'm going to try to have the classification changed from ED to OHI.

    Thanks for asking!