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    So, after I spent several hours today looking for employment, then learning that my hosue is due for a forclosure sell in January, I emailed my "comments" to the President/White House staff. I didn't include any nasty comments but made it clear that this catch 22 situation of "you can't get the job because you don't have a payment plan" and "you can't work out a payment plan because you don't have a job" and "you will qualify for a federal job if you get another job and work out your financial difficulties first" undermined all my efforts to get a job, keep my home, and support my child. And this kind of stuff is why I don't think the economy is improving.

    I'm pretty sure this correspondence won't result in one of those invites to the WH to get a pat on the back and be on TV with one of these "Ohhhhh, How special" moments. LOL! It might result in me NEVER working for the government though because I listed the agency this all happened with- but I figured if I didn't, it might not seem true. (No information was classified or anything.)

    ETA: Well I just found a place on their website to request help about a fed agancy. I'm going to resend my message using that avenue. They claim to want to help parents/families, people owing on credit, people unemployed, people with no medication insurance, veterans, people facing foreclosure......I think I can give them a chance to do that. LOL!
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    Oh, actually this is a really really good idea K. Obama is having a national committee meeting (or something like that) on this subject Dec 8th. I would spend as much time as you can networking, and trying to get "heard" about this issue as is humanly possible until the 8th. I would seriously call the news, 20/20, Jim Lehr, everyone you can think of. I can see this being exactly the kind of thing that will get the media's attention - and consequently Obamas. They said that there are even small business owners and lay people on his committee which would be a first.
    Go! Do this!
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    Did you see my "ETA" paragraph? I think we must have been typing at the same time. I saw the website for the panel that you're referring to. It says if you post a comment to them that it goes to the WH website (which is where I was posting to in the first place) but also says that any comment and identifying info would be made public. That scared me- I included the name of this place in HI and all my personal identifying info- although no one's name from HI- and did not want it made public- especially since I was talking about the clearance not going through and why. Anyway, that's when I went back and looked and it appears that the area I used to send a comment to WH people doesn't make comments public. Shewww...... But, that is when I found the section to ask for help with a fed agency. The thing is, I was told the ONLY reason that I didn't get that job is due to my finances, and it was proven to them that they were excellent for over ten years (which is as far back as the credit report went) and I only got behind the past few mos, even though I've been unemployed for almost a year. So, I am in the very situation that all this hoopla is about claiming to try to help people.
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    Ok, I sent this next one to the "help with fed agency section". I didn't moan and groan, just pointed out that the security personnel, HR personnel, and creditors would commit if I had "ABC" from one of the others, but neither would be the first to commit to anything so that caused me not to get the job. And that I met all those "definitions" of people the fed government was trying to help, so could they either help me get the clearance or help me get a job somewhere else, because I would gladly pay my creditors if I could.

    No big deal- I have nothing to lose by doing it. I seriously doubt they will get involved in something like this, even though I am not asking for a waiver for criminal activity or something potentially dangerous. But, I feel better voicing this irony to them anyway. :D

    Let's remember, too, my debt is considered a security debt, yet exaclt how in debt is our entire country??
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