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    Little difficult child (age 19) is moving into an apartment with a 30 year old woman. She has a large (so I hear) apartment with one BR/B and a "big" LR/DR etc area. He will bring furniture that I have given him and his twin platform bed. I don't think he'll fit on it but ;) that's the plan.

    To provide privacy with-o building materials I was trying to figure how to screen his BR area from open view. I have thought of privacy screens but I think they are quite pricey. Then I was thinking maybe inexpensive drapes could be hung for less money. How would a corner of a room have drapes attached in an el shape with-o "construction". Any ideas?

    Yes, I am going with the flow after GFGmom decided to boot him out of her house. His new roommate will be a better companion for sure. difficult child has agreed to have husband know of all his money before spending etc. so we should be able to keep GFGmom from stealing more from his. Fingers crossed. For those with a weird sense of humor...remember GFGmom took his Disability money? Well :mad: instead of waiting until March lst when she's suppose to "repay him"........she is "lending him" his rent money and lending him $100 to buy groceries until she has time to apply for his food
    stamps. Geez, she IS a piece of work. DDD
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    Maybe hang some hooks from the ceiling in whatever pattern you want, then use metal cording for the curtain rod threaded through the hooks. You could use those clip things they sell in curtain departments to connect the curtain material on one end, kind of like shower curtain clips.

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    I was thinking some thin PCV pipes and then buy the little curve that attaches them - and go to Ikea to get some drapes (if he has high ceilings cause they are usually long) or if he has shorter ceilings, some sheets :) I did that years ago when I lived in a one room flat

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    Another thing to look at - Does difficult child or the other person have tall shelving units? These can also be used in sectioning off an area.

    You are right, dividers are spendy and very hard to find. I had an effiency apartment when I was first on my own. I put my bed to the left as you came into the apartment. I did have one divider (hand me down from my parents I think) and a book shelf. I put the book shelf at the end of my bed between the bed and the "living room" and the divider alongside my bed near the bookshelf. A few people that did come into my place would spend awhile there, look a little confused and then ask, "Where do you sleep?" Many thought I slept on my hide-a-bed couch. I was able to camouflage my sleeping area. I would just smile and point out that they walked right past my bed.

    Check out dollar store for items.
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    Never fear,--- Tpaul decorating guru is here!
    Able to solve decorating dilemmas in a single post.

    How big of an area are we talking of? I will throw out a few suggestions for screening or such, but might could fine tune it if I know the dimensions of the area we are talking about.

    Depending on the style of decorating he might like, but for a 19 year old male, that most likely does not matter, LOL. One option is to use curtains as you mentioned. Depending on the size and configuration, we can go a couple of ways. A non constuction option for stringing curtains is to make weighted poles to which wire can be strung between. To make these you can use large plant pots that can be found usually at Wal-mart or Target , Lowe's etc.... Pick one that is 16 to maybe 18 inches deep. One a foot or so deep can work if you use a lighter weight material for the curtains. You will need to insert piping into these pots when you fill it with the weighting material you choose. I will talk about the pipe types to use below.

    You will need to go to someplace like Lowes or Home Depot and purchace some metal or hard plastic tubing. Like what a plumber or electrician would use. 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch should work. 6 foot lengths to 7 foot will be tall enough.You will also need to buy wall sections to run at the top of your made wall. This length will depend on the size you need the wall to be. You will also need to buy fittings for the top of the poles. If you use the plumbing option they sell many different size and configurations of fittings. You will need to " L" or "C" like fittings for the two ends of the configuration to be used. You will also need a piece that is a corner. It will have one opening at the bottom for a pipe, and then two opening in a "V" like shape. This will be your corner piece. You also can try to get something that you can put at the bottom of your posts to set the pipe over before filling, to keep it upright and straight while the mixture dries. Ask an associate where you go for a suggestion of what they have. If you do not have this you will need to try something else to keep it up right. You can try tying rope or wire around the pipe and placing it some where that you can tie the sections two between to upright objects. It is important that these be straight so that they will not tip over when weight is added for the curtains.

    Fill the post with either a plaster of paris mix, or a ready mix cement mixture and prepare the tubing as stated above. After it sets up you can take them to where you are going to place them at the home. You might want to try and do this there, because the height will need to be 6 + feet to make it private enough. Unless you have a larger car or truck, that might prove difficult.

    Once you are there add the fittings to the poles. Two get the l or c sections and the corner gets the 'V' piece. Then add your wall pipes and you are almost there. You can paint the pots and poles a color to blend with your curtains, or for an industrial look them them as they come.You will need to have curtains that can use the large round hooks or curtains that have large grommets in them. Walla, you have a privacy screening area that is stylish too.
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    I was thinking - Tpaul-Decorating

    Suz that is VERY cool.

    I have 1 gene dedicated to decorating and it is at the shallow end of my gene pool.
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    Another option is to use doors that you attach hinges to. These then make a larger screen. The thriftiest way to do this is to find older paneled doors that others replace from older homes. 3 or 4 and you have a pretty good size partion. The good thing about these is that you can hang things on these and use them like you would use a regular wall. This is one of the easiest ways to go, because all you need to do to make this work are some regular door hinges, a few screws and that's it. Screw one at the top or bottom of once door and then attach the other to the second door. You can do 2 sections of 2 doors, or attach all 3 or 4 together.
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    Instead of traditional curtain rods, use metal or pvc conduit from the plumbing or electrical supply area of your home store. You can get two collars that attach to the wall, then elbows that will bend to accommodate a 45 degree angle, then the straight rod cut to length in the middle. Materials would probably be about $5.

    I probably wouldn't do hooks in the ceiling because he'd be bound to have a difficult child day and rip hard on the curtain and tear them out of the ceiling. Too much hassle to fix.

    If you sew, you can get some yardage and make two panels to hang. Wash them first so that they can be washed without shrinking later on. Make sure that you make a big enough pocket for the rod, then slip it over the rod.
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    I just took a break from work and I am beyond impressed. If one of you were my roommate, my house would look terrific! Thank you so much. I was beginning to wonder if it was even possible. DDD

    PS: I don't know the size of the area but I know it has to accomodate a twin size platform bed. Come to think of it ;) maybe the support could come up from the corner of the bed. You guys have me thinking. Thanks.
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    I have never priced it myself, but I am told that the track that they use for hospital curtains is inexpensive. They used it on DIY for the exact same purpose. Try googling it. another idea would be a small free standing tent. I'l look for used. Many possibilities there. He could pretent he is an arabian sheik ;) -RM
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    If you are not fond of sewing, or don't have a sewing machine, sheets often have a top end that is folded over to make a trim. If you find sheets with this top edge that is a very wide hem you can make these curtain/dividers with almost no sewing.

    Barring that, I highly recommend fabric glue. There are some good products that iron on (stitch witch type, sold in rolls or by the yard) or glues in tubes. I have done many projects with a glue by Aleene that washes out. I found it very sturdy and lasting, and it truly does wash out in one washing.

    There is also a glue called Fabri-tac that is advertised as a glue gun in a bottle. It truly works that way! Anywhere you would use a glue gun you can use this.

    I hope this situation works better for him, and that you can file his food stamps and disability so that you and husband can protect him from his mother's greed.
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    Hadn't thought about sheets and glue. Thanks for another great idea.
    I have a friend who can "do stuff" and probably would help. I am a complete klutz and truly am capable of only sewing a button back on....although sometimes I stitch those on too tight or too loose! :redface:

    At least I know how to cook! :D DDD