Crisis Plan for the School

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    This goes hand-in-hand with the behavior contract, if and when it escalates. This was actually something I wrote and implemented at my difficult child's school and kept as it worked (saw it work first hand unfortunately) and have seen it work with other teams I am a part of in my job. Again, feel free to modify it as you see fit.


    Crisis Response Plan


    Extreme impulsivity
    Unpredictable behavior
    Lack of response to teacher Redirection/extreme noncompliance at times
    Running away

    Responds to:


    Does not respond to:

    Power struggles
    Loud voices
    Invading his personal space

    Extreme behaviors:

    Address these in setting outside the classroom: take to another classroom, Psychologist’s office or other staff office.
    **Lock doors if necessary to address safety issues (run risk).

    Criteria for outside intervention:

    Level of supervision required is beyond appropriate expectations for school staff
    Duration of acting-out behaviors
    Dangerous behavior

    Skeleton crew Student Support Team (SST) when intervention needed:

    2+ professionals who work with
    Consult with as many staff as is feasibly possible

    Crisis Intervention Procedure:

    Phone call to parents
    Phone call to counselor (Therapist name and phone number here)
    Phone call to Crisis Line
    Phone call to 911

    **NOTE: If behavior is out-of-control and poses immediate danger to himself or others (as agreed upon by at least 2 certified staff members) call 911 immediately. **

    **Hands-off unless behavior poses immediate risk to self or others. **

    Who makes calls for outside intervention:

    List of names who can make these calls


    Me - Parent Advocate

    12 yo difficult child son Enuresis, Encopresis, Language Learning Disability (LD), Math Learning Disability (LD), Articulation Disorder, Hypothyroidism, mild MR, CP, ADHD, CD, PTSD, Bipolar not otherwise specified with psychotic features, Anxiety Disorder not otherwise specified, Fine and Gross motor delays-in residential.

    9 yo easy child son Learning Disability (LD), ADD.

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