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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Star*, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    THinking of you and your son today - wondering how it's going!

    Hugs & Hankies
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    Hey Star!

    Big day tomorrow and I think I will be an emotional wreck when it is all over. Moving truck comes 9am at house ....was packing difficult child's things in boxes last night and some stuff he does not want to take just yet. He can not take PS3 since it has to be sent in for warranty repair and now last night he broke his PSP. Guess that will not get repaired since he totally cracked the inner screen. He said he accidently sat on it....YEAH RIGHT.....I think his butt has more cushion than that and would not have done that but a good smack from his fist would have. I guess he will have to get a long with the things he has to take with him at the moment. Thanks for asking about me has me hopping today since it was payroll and I get the fun part of running it, signing checks and doing the taxes...etc. I am still playing catch up too since I was gone from work for 4 working days. I will have to check in tomorrow when I finally make it back to work to let you know how the move went.

    Critter Lover
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    Critter Lover,

    Maybe it's good that you're so busy at work right now, as you don't have time to brood over things. I've stood in your shoes, packing up and sending my Aspie son to Adult Assisted Living.

    Two things that really helped me:

    1) Take time to relish the peace in your home. Unlock the lockdown, listen to the quiet, take long hot baths knowing you won't be yanked out of them in 5 minutes to deal with another crisis.

    2) When the pangs of missing him feel like they're going to tear you in two, remember the chaos AND the peace, and remind yourself that the steps you've taken are best for everyone.

    Sending many gentle hugs,
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    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and sending many good thoughts.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    and schome shekeela and ahn olwive.......hick*:tongue: