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    Did anyone watch the woman on CSPAN last night talking about the government funding help that is ABSOLUTELY needed in the way of continued education/treatment? She said that they can now PROVE without the shadow of a doubt if caught early enought with kids that treats & teaches FAMILY as well as TODDLER - diagnosis with Autism to not be full blown Autism by the time they are 5 if they get help and possibly come out of it with only Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)?

    The woman was from California and she was a WARRIOR! (bravo) I hope she's a member here.

    Does this make sense? I'm not versed on Autism - but what she was saying in essence was - catch this early - get the families HELP, train the parents - educate the teachers - and NOT ALL these children will be full blown Autistic and that will cost LESS for everyone in the long run PLUS improve the quality of life for the families and of course the kids. She was very good.
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    I did not see this but I hope she gets what she's asking for, because I believe there's a lot to be said for what she's saying.

    Who knows what my son "has". But...he was NOT verbal, he was NOT social, he WAS rigid and inflexible, he had major sensory issues, he ate the same things day in and day out (wheat and dairy products), he was NOT attached to his caregivers (he couldn't have cared less). I don't beleive he was ever destined to be a full-blown autistic...but his therapists, who have worked with him for 5 years now and have seen him grow, believe if it weren't for what we did with him, he would be non-verbal and possibly not attached at all, even if his attachment isn't "normal". And the credit for doing what we did goes back to this board and the local family support group.
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    No I did not catch it.
    But it is like a lot of our kids issues early interventions always help.

    N for example, the Cognitive Exposure Stepladder that we are doing with her in regards to the public bathrooms, and then every other phobia from then on, would be so much easier if someone would have taken us seriously when she was younger.

    But we always got the, "All kids are afraid of the bathroom, all kids think they are going to die, all kids think meteors are going smash the house..."
    K is the same thing, we just shelled out $1000.00 for this extensive Oro-motor evaluation, that would be so much easier to treat if it had started much younger....

    I hope this woman gets backing and support backing, it would be nice if it one days goes beyond Autism.