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    Does anyone have any experience with Cymbalta? This has just been prescribed for my 15 year old who is currently taking vyvanse and fluoxetine. We are weaning from fluoxetine and going to Cymbalta to help with morning waking and agitation?

    Thank you for any input!
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    Cher, sorry for all the questions, but your answers will help us help you.

    What dose Vyvanse and Fluoxetine is your teen taking?
    Can you be specific about what you mean when you say agitation?
    Are you having problems waking your child in the morning?
    What is your child's diagnosis?
    What kind of doctor diagnosed your child and what kind of doctor is prescribing the medications?
    Is your child in therapy?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
  3. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    I've taken it for depression - all I can say is that when you miss a dose you feel sick - compliance is a must.
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    Thanks so much for the replies and to answer your questions,

    My son is taking 30 mg of fluoxetine, primarily for mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviours, he is on 70mg of vyvanse 40 in the a.m. and 30 in the afternoon (1:00) he has been on just about everything out there. He has a huge problem getting up in the a.m., even for events he enjoys (school is not something he enjoys!) By agitation I mean that he is very easily frustrated. Everything bothers him, from us talking too loud if he's watching t.v. to "bugging him" if we ask him to do something. He is extremely bright but has difficulty in school because of his lack of concentration and his executive function skills are at grade school level. He has an I.E.P. but it is a struggle to get it adhered to and I suppose most here have been throught that experience. He loves theater and his "Mass media" class and Art. All of those are classes where he is "engaged" most of the time and that suits him. He takes clonidine in the evening to help with sleep. He has had problems sleeping at night since he was an infant and the clonidine was added a few years back to help with settling him at night but the morning waking was an issue long before that. His diagnosis is ADHD with some anxiety. He has been tested numerous times at a mental health clinic, a teaching hospital and the school system. He sees a phsyciatrist for medications, sees the school counselor (who thinks he's a "great kid" and doesn't really see any issues) and we are working with a counselor at church. Other diagnosis have been explored and rejected thus far. ANY advice that anyone has is greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Cher, welcome.
    My son sounds a little like yours. He takes clonidine and it really helps with-the anger, edginess and agitation. But it does not make him sleepy.
    I can't help you with-the cymbalta.
    How old is you son?
    Can you do a profile at the bottom of the page for us? Thanks!
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    How do I go about doing that? Sorry!