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    And difficult child was on time again!! 2 days in a row. I am sure we are just honeymooning, but I am taking every.single.minute. She was actually somewhat nice this morning. (I think anything better than snarling is nice. She is a teen after all!!!) She seems to be trying to stay busy, and hasn't been obsessed with the computer. And, she is wanting to spend time with me doing things. After I pick her up at 9:00 (exams) we are going to go get stuff to make penguin cupcakes. And, she said she wants to come with me to go pick up our new foster dog. Holding out hope.
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    Good for her!!!!
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    I can't remember the original notes so have to figure out if she was in psychiatric hospital, is on new medications or what. Sorry, it's been hectic around here.
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    Anything that involves real-world relationships is a major step forward!
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    Yes! yipee! You know, there is something to be said about all those research articles that talk about kids who get too obsessed (I dont know if addicted is really the term for the typical kid who gets obsessed but???)... I really wonder as she gets further and further from the electronics plus gets better sleep, plus the medications starting to work, plus your putting your foot down and offering limits she is begging for in a negative way (lol).... maybe it is all coming together.....

    And even if it is a honeymoon, I like your attitude....just enjoy!

    (Since we always share... here is how my start to the a.m. went... Q--sleeping as usual no problem Me- medications in hand, go in to say good morning and give him the medications...

    Mom... good morning Q
    Q..... shut up B**ch.

    It actually ended OK but, yeah, that was the start... uggg)
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    Buddy -
    Social internet is known to be psychologically addictive. No, its not a physical addition, but the impact is just as severe.
    And yes, I do think that is part of what SM's difficult child is dealing with.