Day 3

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    I can't believe its Day 3 already! Only 3 more days of chemo, and then it's Transplant Day! So far, Baby J is doing incredibly well. I took the day off on Saturday to just hang out with husband....but about the middle of the afternoon I said, 'you know what, I'm gonna need to go see grandboy tomorrow"

    So, Sunday he was still doing just fine. He had had a little fever on Saturday night, but that resolved with medications. His blood pressure has been running high since we started this, the docs are keeping close track. J remains cheerful and playing with whoever is paying attention. He has lost much of his appetite, so docs have added nutrition to his IVs.

    The real challenge has been, of course you guessed it, difficult child. He is trying our patience daily. Background = he is a member of an extreme metal band back in their hometown. This band has a gig scheduled for this Sat. May 29. (I know right) difficult child keeps insisting he's going back to play this gig with the band.

    None of us can believe it. Baby J will be 2 days post transplant. difficult child thinks nothing of driving 200 miles away to go party (who's kidding who) and hoop it up with the band?

    Since their arrival here 2 weeks ago, difficult child has gone out bar-hopping twice, and managed to get himself invited to try out for a new band.


    I am beside myself. But yes, he's hooked up with an old school chum, who now lives in St. Paul, and difficult child is attending their band practices.


    I didn't raise him to behave this way. I did, however, stop at their apartment and bring his bass guitar here for him. Guess I should have realized when he was telling me about his old school mate, that was going to mean he'd be joining into a whole new band.

    The only saving grace is that we are ALL very glad he appears to be dropping the old band. Those guys were nothing but angry dudes. That whole screaming-can't-understand-the-words-but-you-know-it's-not-good scene. However, he is still insisting he's going to return to play their gig this Saturday.

    And of course difficult child cant understand why we're all mad at him. He doesn't see why it's not okay for him to go off when there's already 3 people with Baby J (that's the visitor limit) and all he'd be doing would be sitting at the RMH by himself....

    Uh, yeah!! 2 blocks away!! Not g*d-knows-where in the middle of the big city!

    And so....I am just trying to concentrate on Baby J, and be strong for daughter in law. Her mom is also here for these 2 weeks, and the two of us have had a lot of good talks as we wait down the hall while our children try to work things thru. So that's a blessing, that A and I can be open about what's going on and no one is blaming anyone (except difficult child phhhfftt) It's really cool that she understands, been thru it herself with daughter in law's brother.

    So, that's the latest. Docs keep telling us Baby J is going to get sick from chemo, and as of yesterday he was still in good shape, so maybe today we will see more ill effects. If we do, at least we know it'll only be for 3 days, then that nasty poison goes away and the healing bone marrow comes in!!

    I keep remembering in the back of my mind, my mom never got sick from chemo. She lost her hair, but she never suffered any of the violent side-effects. I can't help thinking she's got a hand in this, our Baby J's mild reaction so far.

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    Wishing you strength, Pony. Praying that the little one continues to respond positively to chemo without side-effects. Holding you and yours in my thoughts and prayers, Pony.

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    So glad to hear he's doing so well! Good thoughts and prayers to you all. Keep us updated when you can!

    (And rattling beads that difficult child comes down with laryngitis or tendonitis in his hands and can't sing or play) :tongue:

    By the way, just FYI....I recieved my buccal swabs from the match site, did it and sent them back in already.
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    Keeping all in my thoughts each day as the days dwindle down........