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    These were similar in that we tried to identify ways to help us self cope, using our 6 senses...vision, smell, touch, hearing, taste and movement.

    Vision - you might go to a favorite place, like a park or natural setting, or an art gallery, look at photos, people watch, etc

    Hearing - listen to music, pay attention to sounds in nature, sing or play an instrument

    Smell - scented lotions, make cookies or popcorn, scented candle,

    Taste - eat a favorite food, flavored coffee or tea, gum, ice cream

    Touch - long bath or shower, pet your cat or dog, get a massage, brush your hair, give or get a hug, change in to comfortable clothing

    Movement - yoga, walk, run, stretch, dance

    Also they have words to remind you what you can try: IMPROVE

    I - Imagery - imagine relaxing scenes, imagine coping well, imagine painful emotions draining out of you

    M - Meaning - find or create some meaning or purpose from the pain. Make lemonade out of lemons

    P - Prayer - ask for strength to bear the pain in the moment.

    R - Relaxation - try to relax by tensing and relaxing each large muscle group. Download a relaxation audio or visual, stretch, take a bath

    O - One Thing In The Moment - focus your entire attentive n on what you ar doing right now. Keep mind in the present moment.

    V - Vacation - give your self a brief break, go outside, go get a coffee at your favorite shop, read a magazine, surf the web

    E - Encouragement- positive self talk, be your own cheerleader. "I am doing the best I can"

    They also suggested we have our own little survival kit. And it was important to have a small portable one to take or keep at work. Keep small things in it like favorite lotion, perfume, tea bags, mints, small chocolates, fidget item, photo of favorite place, people, etc.

    I like to make my own scented lotion with coconut oil (the solid type) and essential oils. I melt the oil in the microwave for just a few seconds, put several drops of my favorite essential oils and then let it set up to harden. Or I use a diffuser with water and a few drops of essential oils to enjoy the scent in the room I am in.

    I don't know if DGD will continue the classes, she turns 18 next weekend...

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    What does DBT stand for? Those classes sound like something everyone should take.
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    Dialectal behavioral therapy which was created by dr. Marsha Lineman. She wrote books and has you tube tapes. I may have spelled her last name wong its close.
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    I think the information in the class is good for everyone and can be applied to many situations. It was suggested that my older teen DGD take the classes because of her mood disorder. She gets agitated easily, even over small things, and I am hoping she learns this "distress tolerance" but so far I am learning how to tolerate her...and not her changing her behavior... She even says "that's just the way I am and people should know I react that way!"

    I doubt that she will continue these classes once she is 18... KSM