For depression, you can start with the basics of diet, meaningful activities, sunshine and exercise. Meditation and yoga are very helpful. If you want to try an herbal remedy, you can use St. John's Wort or SAM-e. An herbalist can help you select the right herb and dosage. Bach flower remedies are helpful for some people. Acupuncture treatments are used to treat depression.
Also, you can go to a homeopathic physician to be prescribed a remedy which doesn't have the toxic side effects of psychiatric drugs.


I'm on a high protein diet with a B-50 vitamin daily which seems to help. Mind you, I'm also on medications so I'm not saying that I'm homeopathic. But I do notice a difference when I don't take the B-50 daily. Same with fish oil.

Sun helps me. Exercise not much in the long run though I know it's highly recommended. The short term endorphins are great, but they go away. I know this sounds weird, but for other health reasons I had to lose a lot of weight. It's boosted my self-esteem which has helped. Don't know if it's just that or something more but my depression has been better since then.