did I blow it??

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    My 17 yr old difficult child was discharged from inpatient five days ago. She was with her dad for a few days. Today was her first full day home. She was a model child, of course, cleanedher room, the kitchen and the bathroom, was wonderful to her sisters and even sweet to her step dad. So she asked can i have a friend over. I said yes. Well he doesnt drive, can i go get him? Long story short I let her talk me into it. "I have been working so hard to earn your trust back, let me showyou can trust me". Well she got lost" on the way there and took so long i said just come home and forget the visit. She was gone 2 hours! I UAd her and she was clean but my husband is furious I let her go. I feel like I have all the intentions to be strong but just can't seem to do it in the moment
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    I wouldn't say that you "blew it". Look at it as learning experience. She asked for a privledge. You gave it to her to see if she really could handle it and she proved to you that she can not. Now she had to work harder to build up your trust in her again. Next time she asks for the key to the car, tell her no, and if she complains about it remind her what happened this time.

    Why was your daughter in the hospital? Does she have a diagnosis? Why did they let her come home? Insurance or they felt that she was stable? Any
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    She has anxiety and depression and chemical abuse. They are also looking at bipolar but personally she fits the ODD description for sure! She went to a 6 week out patient program in nov but was hospitalized a week ago for using. They basically told us we could send her to inpatient but it wont work
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    My husband is not talking to me right now because he says I dont listen to him and should be more firm with her. He is upset because he thinks she got her way again and will be awful to life with, again. I think he just doesnt understand some kids dont respond to normal tactics.