Did I do the wrong thing?

Without details, last few wks I found these txts on difficult children old phone from this gross man saying gross things. He then "happy birthdayed" her on FB last week, doesnt know she is in jail. Anyway, I PMd him back, told him I was her mom, I knew details, and pls leave her alone to heal. Today, I get a PM from him on my FB all innocent, etc, but left a "say hi" msg for her!!! Well, I went off, PMd him back with exact txt words and again asked him to back off. I was probably sarcastic, but no cussing and as sarcastically pleasant as I could be!!

Wrong??? I feel better, I blocked him from difficult child FB, and have no intention of keeping this up. I blocked him last week from difficult child, so he had to find me. husband will not agree, but the mom in me had to let him know I know he is full of *':- and what if that was his child!!! Even though she was willing, maybe he will think twice before using a woman. Doubt it....but who knows

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Trust me if she finds him again it will be because she is looking or he is really stuck on her.

I don't know if it was wrong or right but I will say that I don't think it will change much. difficult child's find a way to be difficult child's no matter what we say or do. If she wants that relationship it wont matter what you said, did, or blocked she will find it. He wont change he will just move on to another target.

On the other hand did it make you feel better? Give you some hope that he might go away and she might not go searching for him? Then I would say it had a positive effect for you.
She is in jail then court ordered rehab x 2 yrs, so she wont see him!

I feel MUCH better. In fact, he PMd me and admitted to it. He is apparantly around our age. Yuck factor....

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Did he just randomly post to her or did he know her?

The mom in me did the same thing when my difficult child was in rehab. I had her phone and anytime one of her druggie friends texted her I told them I was reporting them to the police. I sent texts back to a few telling them to leave her alone. One guy was 8 years older than her and wanted her to leave rehab for him, I gave him a piece of my mind. I deleted her friends from facebook and had her cell number changed. Can we say momma bear?

Like you I felt better after I did it and that was important in my healing.
Dont know how they met but am very aware of what they did!!! Oh, he admitted to sexually using women, not caring abt their stories, then having to go act like a great father and girlfriend. He must have txtd x 1 hour....very strange. Finally told him I was getting dinner and waiting for husband. Never rude, but when I talked to difficult child she cracked up, he's coming on to you. Big surprise!!!! Im not difficult child, definitely not her bod. Sigh.....once upon a time I had that gorgeous figure, but 2 big babies, Crohns, and prednisone have drug me down... Anyway he wants to "keep in touch" and be my FB friend. No, no, no, for so many reasons!!!!

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AMEN!!! Wants to "keep in touch". Uhhhhh......no. I think he views me a someone he can confess to, "helped my difficult child out and she helped him". Gross, gross, gross. I couldnt get rid of him yest but have taken care of it since!!!

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