difficult child 1, She called

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    and asked if her boyfriend could spend the night. "Um no.'' Since we have guardianship anything like that needs our approval (thank heaven). "Why? The answer is no. But staff will be here and he can sleep in the living room. The answer is no. I love you mom. I love you too. But.. The answer is no."

    I mean really do I have to spell it out. I am not going to encourage that. On so many levels I can't allow that if I have the choice. Sheesh.

    I then talked to the staff on the phone and let them know the answer was no. Then I called the house coordinator and let her know the answer was no. I figured I might just as well cover all the bases.

  2. WhymeMom?

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    Good for you for following up with staff and making the answer clear......No question about your choice......never understand why they think you would possibly say yes......catch you in a weak moment? Anyway, at least they called and asked.....hoping the staff held firm!
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    Do they ever reach an age where they stop believing we're idiots? If he's going to sleep in the living room, why does he need to spend the night there? Doh!

    Good job, Mom:you_go_girl:
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    That's what I was thinking! :rofl:

    :thumbsup: to you!

  5. mrscatinthehat

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    husband had asked the same question? My response was because she would have slept in the living room too. She does often any way. And well we all know how sneaky difficult children can be and how lax some staff can be.

  6. Star*

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    You are so much kinder than i am -

    I would have said

    then snickerd......
    Way To Go beth on covering bases!