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    At the school she is going to they have a JROTC program. I was very worried about her doing this and I imagine I don't have to spell out the reasons why. They were supposed to go out of twon this weekend for a trip but the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) isn't quite ready for her to go on an overnight. Guess what? She handled it with just a little pouting. :bravo: However she has been doing well the last three weeks. She is on the chip system. Three weeks ago no negative chips the last two weeks one each week. This is so amazing. Her chip program goes away if she can go four weeks with one or less chips a week. So we are a week away from this happening. I told her now that she is close that I would talk to her dad about doing something special for her if she gets off the program.

    I really hope that won't be too much pressure. But I was just so darn excited with how well she has been doing. I kept telling her that we knew she could do it. She said she knew she could too. She said that she was disappointed about not going to the meet but that they had told if she keeps doing well that the March and April meets will be available for her to participate in. So she is looking to that.

    She is looking to the future. She is looking to the future with hope. I can't begin to tell you how exciting this is. I didn't mention the good first and second weeks because I was afraid of jynxing it. And I am still a little worried that I might have just done that but I just had to share it.

    Could maturity be setting in? I am so hopeful. This is the longest she has gone without too big of a meltdown. I know that no matter how well she does there can be set backs but I so want this next week to be good for her. Just to get to Thursday the 17th and I will be doing a major happy dance. I will be in knots for a good reason this next week.

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    Beth, I am so happy for her- and for you! It sounds like she is really making some progress and I'm even disappointed for her- seems like she could have gotten some little reward, even if she couldn't go on an overnight trip. I think you're doing the right thing by not putting pressure on her (if she "backslid" now, she's still been doing great) but I think it's great you want to do something special for her. Shoot, she needs some acknowledgement before March!

    Congratulations! How long has she been in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Sounds like it's working well-

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    I am so proud of her and so happy for you. you sure needed an update like that.

    Doing a "no chip" dance in her honor.
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    That does sound good! It could be maturity setting in, combined with-all your hard work. I've got my fingers crossed!
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    YIPPEE!!!! It really is a great feeling when they start growing, isn't it?
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    :bravo: Oh Beth, such positive news must brighten your weary spirit right now.

    :bravo: difficult child 1 :bravo: Whether you want them or not there are cyber hugs coming your way from this cyber auntie. :flower:

    Thank you for sharing such a positive update, Beth. Cyber hugs heading your way as well. :flower:
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    What great news! Looks like you may be heading for the role of "One of the First People Who Actually Got One of Their Christmas Wishes" award! (We can't have the Golden Globes because of the Writers strike, so we can give you a "2008 CD Award").

    You really needed this one! Congrats to you and your family!

    Keep the positive coming!

    The "Other" Beth