difficult child 17 at psychiatric hospital for assaultive behavior against Dad

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MICHL, Sep 16, 2012.

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    husband called 911 Fri, police took custody of difficult child and he's been at psychiatric hospital. difficult child has refused to go to school all this school year, most of summer school, & much of last year. It's a special needs school and he gets weekly counseling at school from county mental health services also. Long story short, difficult child lives with husband ( we are separated), difficult child was assaultive so husband called poice. difficult child is abusive on daily basis, damages house, and breaks things frequently. I told husband that I would NOT take him home when they say it's time. I suppose he would be placed in some foster or residential care? husband has had enough of the abuse, and he said.... It depends on his attitude on what he learns at this hospital stay, medication changeor increase.... He refuses medications almost every other day so I don't know how much good an increase would do?.
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    No one should have to live like that.
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    Well, y'all may be separated but it sounds like you are on the same page where difficult child is concerned. Ugh. LOTS of hugs, sweetie.
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    Good for the two of you presenting a united front. Have they changed any of his medications? I know difficult child 1 became VERY aggressive and assaultive on a couple different medications. It was hard to figure out the cause because it came on so gradually (over periods of 2-4 months). It wasn't until we stopped them completely that the aggression stoppped almost immediately.
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    Wow, I'm impressed that you are on the same page with husband. Lots of people who are together aren't that unified. I'm sorry difficult child is in a really bad place right now. Of course he can't come to your house. He shouldn't be with husband either if he is going to attack him. Hope difficult child gets it through his head that he can't treat people that way; no matter what is wrong.
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    I'll bet he's dabbling in drugs. You did the r ight thing. It isn't easy to do either so I appreciate the hurt you are experiencing and I'm so sorry for it.
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    The psychiatric dr made a tweak to his medications, and said we should reapply for regional center services for autism. difficult child was denied twice in past. This time I'll look into getting advocate or lawyer help.
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    Can you get what the psychiatrist "said"... in writing?
    That would be a start to the process. For some reason, just ONE provable professional statement is worth more than a book full of parent evidence. (not fair, but...)
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    The dr is going to write it up in his report. I hope he makes it convincing enough. Previous evaluations from other docs have all said Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/not otherwise specified, add, odd. . hopefully I can get an advocates support/guidance to make it happen this time. Does anyone here no of any lawyer that does this in San Diego, or advocate?
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    Hope your psychiatrist puts in recommendations - not just results.

    Our last evaluator "strongly recommended" re-testing for several dxes...
    That report was strong enough for the family doctor to write the referrals, which got us the evaluations, which got us the dxes, which are giving us accommodations, interventions and medications - and some results.
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    So sorry! How stressful for everyone. Keep us posted.