difficult child 2 got fired...another detachment practice lesson

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Yesterday difficult child 2 took easy child's car to school because he was low on gas (better to use your brothers gas than yours).... would have been okay if difficult child 2 had followed easy child's rule of "come straight home after school".... difficult child 2 came home as straight as a difficult child can... a couple of stops to visit friends and so on.... only got home an hour later than he should have.

    So when easy child and I went to visit my folks, easy child drove. difficult child 2 calls easy child to see if he could use my car....Ummm, sorry keys are in my pocket...even though there are spare keys at home, wasn't telling difficult child 2 that. So, instead of using HIS gas, he called into work and said he wasn't coming. He's gotten away with it so many time, what was once more. Well, they had enough and he is fired.

    difficult child 2's attitude is "oh well, it was only a first job anyways". Don't know what he's going to do for gas money now. I'm not giving him any.

    I'm really proud of myself though. I only had about 30 seconds of guilt for not letting him use my car. But, if he wanted to get to work, he would of found a way. Or he would have managed his money better. He seems to have money for cigarettes, he should have money for gas. It's his life and it's his lesson.
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    I'm proud of you too. You are so right, he could have found a way to work, this was not your problem.
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    I'm sorry - I totally know how you feel. difficult child lost so many jobs and always found a way to make it the company's fault and never her own...they were too picky, they were picking on her, they were being sexist, they gave me all the bad hours, I didn't have enough gas to get there (yes mine too!), they wouldn't let anyone use their cell phones, they got mad because I went out to smoke a cigarette like ONCE. And my personal favorite: "I quit because they were going to fire me anyway". As I write this, she is teetering on the edge of being fired or quitting. She has been looking, but when she applies to ONE place, she waits to hear back. She never applies to more than one place at a time. What??

    Anyway, sorry to vent off there about my kid - I feel for you!

    Ps: Forgot to give you major Kudos for not letting it be on your conscience. This was totally his problem and fault!!!