difficult child 2's IEP Meeting this morning

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by DramaQueenLucy, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Things went pretty well...I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for not loosing it...lol I had been able to get most of what I was asking for reduction in homework have his homework folder checked at the end of the day as well as books sent home with every home work assignment for this year. Next year I have requested that I get a full set of books to keep at home. This has been a problem all school year. The other thing that I had them change is that if difficult child 2 has more then 2 assignments that have to be done that the teacher can please send them home in a separate envelope/folder for me because if anymore then 2 come home difficult child gets overwhelmed and can't handle it.

    The school wants their Occupational Therapist (OT) to do testing before adding any to his IEP so I have requested that for next school year. Not real happy about it but I will take it...lol

    difficult child 2 is steadily behind in reading and math due to the dyslexia, I had wanted extended school year services so he wouldn't loss anything over the summer however the school says that he doesn't qualify for ESS because he doesn't loss much over the summer, he just doesn't buckle down in the fall...well hello this is a kid that thrives on a schedule and when he doesn't have that schedule he doesn't do well then when it is time for school again in the fall it takes difficult child 2 months to get back on schedule so he just doesn't learn anything for the first 2 months of school because he is too busy having meltdown due to the schedule change....ugh
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    Sounds like a good meeting - keep fighting for what you believe your difficult child needs. Keep documentation and relate it back to how the services they denied would have helped difficult child.
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    Good idea thanks for the input :D
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    Busywend's advice is excellent. One other thought I have is that school doesn't get out until the middle of June where I live. If it's the same where you are, why can't an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation be scheduled before the end of the school year? (Hopefully things move faster where you live than where I live. Where I live, procrastination is the method of choice.) That way, if additional services are needed, they can begin much sooner.

    Also, although this won't help for this summer, schedule a Team Meeting at the very beginning of September to go over the neuropsychologist evaluation (I know you're only in the process of scheduling this right now.) Hopefully, after it's read, the Team will decide that extended school year services are necessary.

    Hope things go well! WFEN
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    We are out of school in just 3 weeks :2speechless: and then they go back Aug 12th it can't come soon enough for me. I have already asked for another within the first 2 weeks of school. I plan on documenting the h*ll we go through for the first few months of school this year....maybe that will help change their minds. The school system knows that I am one to fight for my kiddo they figured that one out when I went to the board of ed and refused to move until I talked to the superintendent....hehehe
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    Sounds like you're on top of things:D:warrior:! I've found, that when it comes to the world of "Special Education", being too nice doesn't get you anywhere...

    I've got my fingers crossed that your school department gives your difficult child everything that is needed without too much of a fight...

    Keep us posted. WFEN