difficult child 3's increasing awareness


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We were watching TV today, difficult child 3, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I. It was a schools TV program called "Behind the News". It's really good - they take news stories and explain them a bit more. The war in Iraq? It gives all the background information, the various groups, why people wanted to go to war and what is happening now. All this info is given with as little bias as possible, and as gently as possible.

Today there was a news story on asthma, since it is Asthma Week here. They interviewed two children, brother and sister, on what it is like to live with asthma. At one point the voice-over said that these children go to "an asthma-friendly school" and then explained how the teachers understand the needs of the students with asthma and are supportive. The teachers have to be taught about asthma.

difficult child 3 immediately piped up. "I wish they had autism-friendly schools. They should put more effort into explaining to the teachers how to help the students with autism, because most teachers just don't know."

Although I've sounded off to you guys, I've not criticised difficult child 3's past teachers in his hearing and he's always had a strong bond even with the 'bad' teachers, so I was shocked. He has very strong opinions and is increasingly resentful at what he perceives as poor or nonexistent support at school, in some areas. He was happy to acknowledge that his aide and some teachers were helpful but in general he was scathing.

I'm hoping that a lot of this is due to increasing maturity and some is also due to increasing confidence in expressing his own opinions. But if he ever does get to address a meeting of teachers and explain what it is like to be autistic (as he has said he wants to do), I think some of them are in for a shock.

It's good when our kids show that they are growing up, but it's also a bit scary.



That's great. My difficult child doesn't think he has a problem...everyone else does !!

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It does sound like he is maturing. It's sad the schools aren't more autism friendly. It seems like difficult child is very aware of the fact that they aren't. I can understand his anger. I think it's good he wants to talk to teachers and explain what it's like being autistic and his experience with the schools-even if it does give them a shock.

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I love hearing when our difficult children develop a self awareness. A sense of self. Sounds like your difficult child is maturing!

Thank you for sharing such a positive moment for difficult child 3.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post! difficult child 3 is definitely maturing!!! It is so nice that he can and does explain his feelings. Way To Go difficult child 3 :bravo:!!!

Unfortunately, my difficult children are more like kjs's difficult child. They truly believe they are always right and someone else is always to blame for their problems. WFEN