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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Sep 20, 2008.

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    On a happier note, difficult child recieved a phone call the other night. Then he was dancing around. Apparently he asked a girl a week or so ago to go to homecoming. She didn't know. She called to say yes.

    The homecoming is at his "home" school. The district high school. The 3000 kid high school. This is his home school so all activities include the kids at the technical high school. This girl goes to the district school.

    I never went to homecoming / prom thing. What do they wear? Is it fancy like Prom? Is it a suit or Tux thing? He wants a tux, but I didn't think it was that formal. What do the girls wear? What do they do? Dinner and then the dance? What do they do after?
    If we go the suit route, he has to get a suit as well as dress shirt, tie and shoes.

    I still worry because he isn't feeling well. He isn't sleeping, up ever few hours cause he is feeling sick. He should be excited. He was right after she called. Apparently four other boys asked her too.
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    Can't help with dress - I never did the homecoming/prom thing either - my easy child did proms and I can't remember if she ever did a homecoming.

    Maybe you can use this to help his sleep schedule - "difficult child, I am so happy that you have someone to go to homecoming with. I want you to enjoy the evening. I think you should start now by working harder on getting more sleep. Maybe focusing on only healthy foods for awhile?"

    I don't know - whatever it is you believe he needs to do to be healthier.
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    I have no clue!!! But very happy that she said yes... how exciting and scary. How much time do you have?
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    Here's the easiest thing in the world to do. Go to the school library and take a look at last years yearbook. They'll have pictures of the Homecoming and you can see what people were wearing.

    Congrats! It takes a lot of guts to ask a girl to a semi or even full formal event! Bravo difficult child, Bravo!

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    How exciting! As far as what they wear? The only thing I have picked up on is...it's different every time (great help I know, sorry). Some go all out & others don't. The last dance...I was surprised to hear how many were doing "group" dressing.....a group of girls without dates went & dressed with a "theme" & a group of guys went without dates, got a limo, rented tuxes....the only couple I actually got to see went all out. I think it's great difficult child is going.....makes the Mommy heart smile ;)
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    The girls always wear something pretty because there is the "Homecoming King and Queen". A tux is not necessary, but a suit should only be worn if it fits! ;) M was so skinny all of his suits looked like he had borrowed them from his dad. So, "slick" is how I would describe how a boy should look at homecoming. Not formal.
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    Congratulations!!! Way To Go.
    I like the idea of looking at the last cpl of yrbks.
    Great idea.