difficult child called me hypomanic-LOL!

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  1. klmno

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    I woke up and made a list of things for both of us to get accomplished today. Well, they need to get done and we HAVE to get things caught up around here before vacation time. When he is hypomanic, it usually (almost always) includes at least one cleaning spree. Since I've been trying to help him identify signs of depression, hypomania, etc., he automatically said "I think you're hypomanic today, MOM". I said, "well, if it's the only way I can get anything done, we're going to have to go with it".

    I could be on a mood stabilizer myself soon....LOL!
  2. Andy

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    Sometimes these disorders work in our favor - How do I get my kids to have the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and hymponia that have them cleaning ALL the time?

    O.K., that would be mean - how do I get this myself? I need some drive to clean.

    :) :)
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Cute. At least thi is a sign your being listened to.

  4. klmno

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    Andy- I don't know that you really want them to get this- when it hits difficult child, it is usually about 1:00-2:00 am and he has to get out of bed to clean. Or, if it's during normal hours, he cleans only one room- over and over. Still, given the other symptoms he exhibits sometimes, I'll take that one any day.

    He started to poop out on this "mission" about 1/2 hour ago, until he learned that he was going to earn $30 for it- but I'm not giving it all to him today- I will keep most of it for spending money on vacation. (He wants a neon sign for his bedroom- I don't really know what they cost, but he'll have more opportunity to earn money before vacation.)

    I just want things caught up around here before school starts, Know what I mean??
  5. mstang67chic

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    The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and cleaning during a manic spell is kind of a double edge sword around here. difficult child cleans like the devil but his preferred method is to throw things away. The last time he went on a binge like that, I had to go through 6 bags of trash and rescue towels, silverware, mugs, books, candle holders (because they just sit there)...all sorts of stuff.
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    I invite someone over to the house. It works every time! ;)
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    Thanks, Beth- I hope you're right!!

    Mstang- I'm not sure what to say about that one- I used to tell difficult child that if I came to his room to check, after he supposedly cleaned it, that whatever was left on the floor would be swept up and thrown away. (That isn't to insinuate that YOU leave silverware, towels, etc., lyiing around the house- I have a pretty good visual about how it happens! LOL!)

    Witz- good point! That works for me, too!
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  8. Abbey

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    Ha! Stang...that sounds like me!!! Rather than lift things up and clean, I just toss the stuff. It's actually quite effective. ;)

  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Highly recommed Mustangs' poop freeze vs. pills. :tongue:
  10. klmno

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    Well I hope I haven't triggered something- he either feels VERY good about himself for doing all this work, or I've started him on a roll. Mind you, part of my strategy was to make sure he was ready to go to bed early or on time to get a good night sleep and get up on time. He finished everything I gave him- which was quite a bit. He had yardwork (mowing & trimmer), washing car (inside and out), cleaning glass on doors, running a couple of errands with me, practicing trumpet, fixing fence, working on sliding door, helping me in his bedroom with a chore, unload wife, take out garbage. Rearrange fridge for me and maybe a couple of other short simple things. It was cheaper to pay him to do these things than hire a sitter and have WW3, Know what I mean??

    But- he did a great job! Then, he rode his bike a few mins. and went to his room and lifted weights. Mind you, I had my own list of things to do all day, which I did, and I am exhausted. I asked him to go ahead and get cleaned up (thinking I could relax a short while). Normally, he takes a 15-20 min bath then showers. He was in there 10 mins total. He said he went in, showered/washed hair- he's done. Now he's ready to talk and do something else.