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    At 12:30 Sunday morning we got a call from the PD of the town where difficult child has been sleeping at her girlfriend Erica's house.

    It seems that difficult child and Erica got into an altercation on Friday over difficult child's drinking in the house and yelling at Erica's daughter. difficult child performed her "I ain't putting up with this s--t" routine and marched out. She spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday drinking, going home Friday night with some guy she knew slightly. Late Saturday night she showed up back at Erica's demanding to be let in. Erica refused, and there was a scene in Erica's front yard. I'm not clear on who called the police, Erica or a neighbor, but at any rate they were called. When they arrived difficult child was passed out on Erica's lawn.

    This is where it gets weird. The town has no "drunk tank" and apparently has no ordinance against public intoxication. They couldn't think of anything to charge her with to book her into the county jail, but didn't want to just drive her to the outskirts of town and dump her either, so they asked her for names of people they could call. None of her acquaintances wanted to take her in (I wonder how many had wives or girlfriends at home) so they tried us next. wife took the call. She explained that we would not take her either. The officer said he was going to try the local domestic violence shelter; if they wouldn't take her and they couldn't find anyplace else, then wife said she'd pay for one night at a cheap motel.

    There was no call back after that. What transpired, we learned, was that the police took her to the hospital and had her checked in as a suicide risk. (She has used the threat of suicide in order to spend a day or two at the hospital twice before.)

    The hospital discharged her Sunday morning. Later in the day she made contact with Erica and talked herself back in by apologizing and promising to get help. Now, back in the fall of 2005, difficult child went through rehab in a residential center in the same town. She still owes $500 there. So, Erica called wife to ask if we would pay some of that so difficult child could get back in. wife's response: "Not one red cent!"

    Yesterday, wife got a text message from difficult child that she is going to start "taking classes" there. I guess they are willing to overlook the $500 if it's only classes, not residency.

    So anyway, once again difficult child escapes consequences, this time by happening to do her acting out in the only jurisdiction I ever heard of that can't or won't arrest her for public intoxication, disturbing the peace, vagrancy, or anything else. What are the odds of that?
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    Sounds like difficult child found the perfect place for her! :( Sorry that she is not suffering the natural consequences of her actions. Maybe something from the classes will actually sink in this time...
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    Well, I am impressed with wife and her responses to this whole situation! Kudos to her, just sorry that difficult child is managing to wiggle out of any consequences to this whole thing.
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    Amazing. Sheesh!

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    Eventually - they will tire of this behavior and WILL drop her off at the end of town. Be sure of that.

    As far as wife and not one red cent?????