difficult child comes clean????


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I got a letter from difficult child the other day. In it he told me that he lied to me when he said he had only used pot and alcohol (DUH!) Anyway he said that he had also smoked Crack. I am sure there is more but the crack certainly accounts for the violence. And the possible additional brain damage. difficult child's IQ dropped 30+ points after graduation. so now I willread up on crack use and all that goes with it. -RM


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my wonderful ex husband was a heavy user of cocaine. did $15,000 worth of it in 3 months! Maybe thats why he is only $18,000 behind in child support. Hmmmmm. Well, back to my thought, my ex has short term memory loss. Little details are a loss, he can barely remember that we had talked, cant remember doctor appts, things like that. It's a pain in the rear end to always have to remind him about the little things. His doctor says the short term memory loss is a direct effect of his excessive cocaine use. He also said that he might get it back, but not sure. I remember the fights we had, the blame game (by the way it was all my fault he did the cocaine), my hospital visits, the total disregard for his children. The list could go on forever. But I am rambling, so try researching the effects of cocaine use since crack is just cocaine and baking soda.


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Crack is one of the worst and horribly addicting.
I am sorry that your difficult child has latched on to this substance. My difficult child had been a coke user and then was introduced to crack by one of her "boyfriends" :grrr:



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I am unsure if I should be passing this info on to MH or not?
They are helping to write difficult child's program and services for when he gets out. I do not know if difficult child would feel like I betrayed his confidence and not confide in me in the future if I did so. I think it is important for MH to know so that apropriate measures will be taken for difficult child. Any thoughts on this???? -RM


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Others may disagree but I think you should bounce it back to your
difficult child and tell him that you feel it would be beneficial for him if
the MH people were aware of the additional substance abuse. If
there is any hope for him taking ownership, perhaps he will say
that he wants you to share it.

All this stuff is so blankin' complex. It's hard to even render
an opinion to others because each of us has been so addled! DDD


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3D--Ain't that the truth---I feel really stupid offering opinions to anyone anymore when I obviously can't even figure out my own situation. I think that all addicts have to take ownership of the addiction before any healing can take place. My husband was addicted to crack---he used when trying to come off of oxycontin and it didn't take long before he hit bottom. He had been addcited to oxy for years---three months of crack and well, he was a shell of himself. He will never be the man he was before his addction. But...he is doing well now and has been clean for 5 years.


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I like DDD's idea of having difficult child let MH on to any of his past hx of substance abuse.

I hate being involved in all of this stuff. It's so darn draining.


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I am thinking that the experts already know if they do one drug they are likely to have done others. I do not know of any drug ant did NOT do.


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Thanks all.

I agree with you DDD as to it being complex and not knowing what to do anymore. I also find myself withholding advice and second guessing things. i guess I will just tell him that he should share that with his counselor and get drug abuse issues out in the open.

Yes Sunny this is very draining. I find myself in avoidance mode more and more when it comes to difficult child and his stuff.

Janet you are probably right that MH figures there is more than what difficult child is admitting to. How much more? I don't think I will ever know.

Katmom. I don't think difficult child has truly taken ownership. He still seems to flip back and forth.

KFD, addiction sucks the life Occupational Therapist (OT) of everyone it touches.

Momof4 thanks for the info. I knew it was a Cocanie derivative didn't know about the baking soda.

Tylerfan, It was one of difficult child's "friends" that got him on this path also. Unfortunately that is how it usually is. -RM