difficult child Criminal--UPDATE--GOOD!

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    Hi All,
    thanks for all the great responses. This story has taken a bizarre turn, bear with me, this will probably be long!

    Well, difficult child called me late Friday afternoon and was just talking in her normal way and I said, "difficult child, you know you are in trouble, don't you?" She seemed totally clueless as I asked her several times about the credit cards and checks. She did not know anything about it! I told her about talking to Maya, the landlady, and I told her the boyfriend left town leaving her holding the bag. Well, she was crying and said she had to call him and got off the phone. I was so upset, here I was at work and crying too because I felt so bad about the whole thing.

    Okay, she called me back later after I kept trying to call her and said she was going to go to work and then see her lawyer the next day.

    Well, yesterday came and went, I didn't hear from her. husband and I were watching the Seahawks/Packers game when there was a knock on the door. It was a police officer, actually someone we'd spoken to years ago when difficult child had run away.

    She wanted to know if difficult child was there, wanted to talk to her. I told her that I had spoken to difficult child the day before and difficult child was going to speak to a lawyer about the trouble she was in. The police officer said she is not in trouble--they have a long history with this Maya woman and her dtr. They are trying to straighten this out--there is no warrant out for difficult child's and boyfriend's arrest. boyfriend has no record, they've checked that. Apparently this is not the first time Maya has claimed people have stolen from her. The police officer said we should stay away from her, she said she herself was careful to put anything down and call attention to it when she was there so she wouldn't be accused of stealing. She also said Maya may even have authorized use of her credit card for all they know.

    husband and I were so relieved yet so furious with this Maya. I wanted to call her and tell her off but decided I should just cool my jets. Meanwhile, I was trying to call difficult child and couldn't reach her and I jumped to the conclusion that she wasn't taking my calls, was mad at me. I finally called her workplace to leave a message for her to please call me and she did.

    The strange thing is, she says that boyfriend still screwed her over--I couldn't make sense of what she was saying and she couldn't talk long. She is angry with him about something to do with this mess. I asked if she is still planning to go to Seattle and she said, "probably" but didn't sound very enthused. She couldn't talk long, had to get back to work but I will talk to her today.

    So, I feel foolish, very foolish for just believing what this lady said, without checking it out, or giving difficult child benefit of the doubt. I felt so horrible for just assuming the worst about difficult child. My only explanation is that we had so many years of lies and bad behavior that it will take a long time to trust again. Also, I know she has been in some trouble with the law recently because when she mentioned having a lawyer, I said, "you have a lawyer?" She said, yes, she needed one for some stupid stuff she did and she really liked the lawyer. Also, I don't think she ever consulted with the lawyer yesterday. So, I know there is a lot I don't know about her and her life and I really want to keep it that way. I said something about not trusting her boyfriend and she said, "I know you don't, Mom, it's okay."

    Well, hope this rambling post made sense. I am so glad that whatever happened with this Maya person it sounds like difficult child did not have any criminal involvement.

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    WOW! :whew: That is bizarre! It's so unfortunate that our difficult child's lifestyles just seem to bring them into the circles of other difficult child's. I'm real glad to hear it was all a false alarm, and that you're continuing your journey on the detachment path! :warrior:

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    Jane, after years of having our worst fears realized, it's not surprising that you would believe this woman. I'm glad it has proven unfounded.

    Hang in there.

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    I am so glad to hear this update. Thank heavens it was a false alarm.
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    There's not a one of us who wouldn't have believed this woman. It just made sense given the facts, the history of everyone (as you knew it). I'm so glad your daughter is innocent in this regard.

    Let's hope she calls you soon to fill you in on what all is going on in her life. You may not want to or be able to help her, but just knowing can be a huge relief. And, who knows, she may even listen and take some advice. Stranger things have happened.
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    I am so glad some truth is coming to light! Better to error on the side of caution then to stick your head in the sand! {{{HUGS}}}}